Nexo’s team goes with a fine-tooth comb through all hot crypto topics to always deliver an outstanding Weekly Dispatch.

Dispatch #134: Web3 in the Real World

One could be forgiven for thinking that, after the heinous 2022 the crypto industry just had, the brands that were so excited about web3 just months ago would abandon us. However, that would be wrong. This week we’ve …

Dispatch #92: Beat the Bear

Celsius, 3AC, Babel are among crypto institutions in distress, five tips for combatting the bear market blues, interest in Bitcoin & Nexo growth persist.

Dispatch #52: SEC vs. Coinbase

An anniversary "then" vs. "now" edition of Dispatch featuring: the stand-off between crypto and regulators, El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender, and the forces behind this week’s market turbulence.

Dispatch #48: Green Is Back

The Bull Market is back but people don't know why, takeaways from the crypto amendment to the Infrastructure Bill, happy end for the biggest DeFi hack.

Dispatch #25: NFTs are getting SPICY

NFTs are sizzling hot, Citi says BTC could be the preferred currency for trade, crypto exchanges exceed $1T in trading volume, and we launch Fixed Terms for Earn on Crypto & Fiat.

Dispatch #12: ETH 2.0 Is Real

BTC smashes through $19K before sell-off, Ethereum on the way to ETH 2.0, and Antoni’s BTC comments which marked digital finance’s breakthrough into the mainstream.

Dispatch #2: MicroStrategy’s 100-Year HODL

Publicly-listed MicroStrategy made waves last month when they announced that they would be moving $250m of their cash reserves into bitcoin. The reason? A fear of inflation and an assumption of a weakening US dollar.

Dispatch #1: The Sushi Saga

If you’re confused by the number of food names being thrown around in the decentralized finance world right now, you’re not alone. Still, the story of one of those edible protocols is deserving of a little more …

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