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Introduce Nexo’s suite of products to your audience and earn a steady stream of income.

100K audience size
$3,390 per month*

The projection is based on assumptions such as a 10% CTR and a 5% conversion rate. Actual performance may vary.

What’s in It for You?

Make money each time an invited user earns interest, makes а swap, borrows funds and pays with their Nexo Card.


of the earned interest by each invited user within 12 months


of the borrowed funds of each invited user within 12 months


of the swap volume by each invited user within 12 months


after an invited user makes 3 purchases with the Nexo Card 1

Everyone Can Become an Affiliate

Your community is yet to grow? No worries, our Affiliate Program is an opportunity to expand your reach at a faster pace – just follow these 3 simple steps to get in.







We Help You Grow

Partner with a trusted digital assets institution and get help every step of the way.

No Cap, No Limits
The more new users you introduce to Nexo, the more revenue you’ll earn.
Real-Time Reporting
Track the earnings generated by your unique links from a single dashboard.
Long Cookie Duration
Earn commissions for users who register up to 30 days after they click on your link.
Easy Onboarding
Bring users from desktop, mobile web, or app. Your unique link works anywhere.
Dedicated Support
Receive support from your dedicated partnership manager. We’re here for you!
Marketing Materials
Get attractive banners and optimized landing pages so you can start right away.

Who Are We Looking for?


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How should I get started?

Are there any prohibited marketing methods?

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