Nexo Brainer #4: Internal Crypto & Wire Transfers

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More exciting updates and strategies with Nexo Brainer Episode #4!

What We Cover in This Episode

  • A detailed walkthrough on how to top-up USD to your Nexo account via a bank wire transfer
  • The amazing new feature on the Nexo platform – our Instant Crypto Transfers

Top-Up in USD via Wire Transfers

Many of you are already familiar with the process and are earning interest this way. However, as the process might look a bit complicated at first, we wanted to go through the steps in more detail.

Before you begin, you must pass Identity Verification and then you can top-up as little as $10 or as much as $2M USD* into your Nexo account in three simple steps:

  1. Add your bank account: You must be the owner of this account and it must be a traditional bank account that holds a banking license – it can’t be a challenger bank or an account with another third-party payment processor.
  2. Get your unique reference number: Once you’ve added your bank account successfully, you’ll see your unique reference number. For every bank account that you add, you get a different unique reference code.
  3. Send the transfer to Nexo: Open your online or mobile banking or go to your local bank branch and send the USD transfer to the bank account Nexo has provided you with.

As soon as we receive your transfer, your USD will be converted to USDx stablecoins and you’ll automatically start earning daily interest<sup>1</sup>.

*Top up in USD may not be available in all states or jurisdictions.

Nexo Your Friends Some Crypto

You can now make free and instant transfers with your Nexo friends. This new feature, available on both mobile and web, will reduce the hassle of sending digital assets through costly traditional finance solutions or waiting for blockchain confirmations.

No waiting. No fees. No limits.

This type of transfer guarantees that no matter how high the fees are OR how congested the network is, you can always send funds between Nexo addresses with zero transfer fees, instantly.

You can transfer crypto as many times as you want to anyone who’s got a Nexo account. These transfers are just like regular crypto withdrawals, however, they don’t affect the number of free monthly crypto withdrawals you have left.

So Nexo your friends some crypto!

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The Nexo Brainer, hosted by our Business Developer George Manolov, is designed to keep you up to date on the latest Nexo features. In each episode, our expert team shares strategies on how to use our products to your best advantage.

<sup>1</sup> Currently excluded from Nexo’s Earn product per the Nexo Earn Interest Product General Terms and Conditions, as amended on occasion are citizens or residents of Bulgaria, Estonia, the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, as well as of other jurisdictions subject to certain limitations or restrictions as may be applicable at times.

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