Until Next Time, Nexonomics

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Nexonomics 3.0 is now in the history books but it will leave an enduring legacy to the Nexo community. Nexonomics was born to glorify and perk up the NEXO Token – the only thing you need to become a Nexo power user – and now it’s time to tally up the success of its first iteration.

Nexonomics 3.0 is our most successful campaign in terms of growing our now 3,500,000-strong community, and establishing the platform as one of the most promising crypto exchanges.

The campaign is an open door into our entire ecosystem which will only grow and mature. But before we kiss Nexonomics 3.0 goodbye, here are the initiative’s highlights made possible by our most innovative lineup of products and services ever:

  • New Assets & Exchange Pairs: Our collaboration with various crypto projects supercharged the Nexo Exchange. We added nearly 70 more market pairs and eight new assets, including AVAX, MATIC, and FTM.
  • The Nexo Booster: We introduced an industry-first product, allowing retail users to benefit from leveraged transactions – a tool used by professional traders. You can now buy 3x more crypto without additional funds.
  • 0% Loans: We upped the ante, giving zero-cost credit to Gold and Platinum clients who maintain an LTV of 20% or below. It’s affordable liquidity at its best.
  • $100M Buyback: This much-desired by our community program went live in November and we’re already halfway through the repurchase, enhancing the liquidity and price stability of the NEXO Token.
  • Nexo Exchange & Loyalty: The Nexo Exchange Rewards became a permanent part of our Loyalty program after a very popular promo period that distributed $609K in crypto rewards.
  • Promos: The Nexo family has grown tremendously. We gave out $1M in referral bonuses to Nexo clients and their friends, and $150K in crypto rewards to first-time borrowers during our promos.
  • NEXO Listings: The NEXO Token became available for trading on some of the most liquid exchanges in the world: FTX and Balancer, proving it’s one of the ecosystem’s most coveted assets.

These innovative and user-centric upgrades have made the NEXO Token an even better way to unlock the full potential of the Nexo platform. Nexonomics 3.0 has turned the Nexo Exchange into a versatile tool, allowing you to be as nimble as the market itself.

We encourage you and all our clients to use our native asset and take advantage of its numerous benefits and rewards.

Nexonomics, this is not a goodbye but a “see you soon.”

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