The Nexo Earn Product is currently unavailable for citizens or residents of the United States of America and Canada.

Earn 16% per year
on Crypto & Stablecoins

Build your wealth effortlessly with leading rates on BTC, USDT, USDC, and 35+ more assets.

Why Earn on Nexo

Daily Payments
Your interest is automatically compounded daily, which grows your assets faster over time.
Automatic Earnings
When you buy or transfer assets on Nexo, you start earning interest – it’s that easy.
Consistent Returns
Our clients have enjoyed earning interest since 2019 with uninterrupted access to their funds.

Our Leading Rates

All earn rates are annualized, representing the total interest earned over a one-year period.

Earn Calculator

usdt logo USDT
3-Month Fixed Term

In 24 months you will have a total of $1256.34

This earn calculator is for informational purposes only. Calculated returns assume that principal and interest remain in your Nexo account.

Earn On Your Terms

Traditional savings accounts don't protect the purchasing power of money. Nexo offers you two ways to take back control of your funds.

Flex Terms

No Lock-up

Your assets are free to trade, sell or withdraw at any time.

Daily Payments

You’re paid automatically every day with instant access to your earnings.

Fixed Terms

Higher Rates

Take a big step towards your financial goals with our maximum rates.

Set Period

Choose a term of 1, 3, or 12 months and get higher earnings when it expires.

$200M+ Already paid out
in interest

5М+ Nexo users

35 Cryptocurrencies
to earn on

200+ Available

How to Start Earning on Crypto

Create your Nexo account and go from zero to earning in seconds. All you have to do is:
Buy crypto with card or with bank transfer, or top up crypto from an external wallet.
You’re all set – no further action is needed! You’re now earning compound interest on your crypto, paid out daily.

Security-First Approach

Insurance on custodial assets by
Real-time attestation by

Sustainable Model

Our proven real-time risk engine and strict collateralization requirements ensure we generate earnings in a safe way.

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Real-Time Attestation

To provide full transparency, we’ve been undergoing real-time attestation over the company’s custodial holdings since 2021.

See Attestation

Custodial Insurance

All digital assets benefit from insurance from our custody partners such as Ledger Vault and Bakkt.

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How do I get Nexo’s highest interest rate?

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What are balance limits?

How does Nexo keep my crypto safe?

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