What's New In May: Earn Upgrades, Instant Transfers & More

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New Features

Time for a summary of all recent improvements and the benefits they bring. We start with the big one!

Higher Earn Rates

Our industry-leading stablecoin rates went live last week! You can now earn up to 16% annually on USDT, 14% on USDC, and 15% on USD, EUR, and GBP stablecoins. What else is new?

  • We now have 3-month Fixed Terms for all crypto stablecoins and 12-month Fixed Terms for EUR, GBP, and USD stablecoins.
  • All balance limits for stablecoins are removed, meaning you will continue to earn at our highest rates regardless of the size of your holdings.

How to benefit: Add any stablecoin to your portfolio with an instant purchase or a crypto transfer. You will automatically start earning the new rates, with interest paid out daily.

Pro tip: Transfer your USDT and USDC on Nexo with near-zero fees via the Polygon network. Arbitrum One is also enabled for USDC top-ups.

Want to get a reward while earning more?

Instant EUR Transfers

With SEPA Instant now available, you can transfer as little as €10 without waiting for days. That means quick access to your funds and a faster route to earn up to 15% annually.

How to benefit: You only need to generate your personal IBAN from the Nexo app. To do that:

  1. Tap on the "Top Up" button on the dashboard.
  2. Select "Top Up USD, EUR, and GBP" and choose EUR.
  3. Tap "I Agree" Your personal IBAN will appear, and you’re ready to top up.

Apple Pay & Google Pay Crypto Purchases

With the new payment methods, you don't need to manually enter card details, thus reducing the process to a simple authentication step.

How to benefit: You only need to set your Apple or Google Wallet app first. From then on:

  1. Tap on the "Top Up" button on the Nexo app dashboard.
  2. Select "Buy with Apple Pay/Google Pay".
  3. Choose an asset, enter the amount, and authorize the payment.

Try the new payment method and get up to 0.5% cashback.

Buy Crypto with $1

Here's one for beginners. Getting into crypto can now cost you less than a cold bevеrage. You can now buy digital assets with a card and make an exchange transaction with just a dollar.

Pro tip: We've also lowered the Nexo Booster minimum to just $10. What better time to try out the simple leverage tool if you haven't already?

Improved Translations

Our global audience can now enjoy a more accessible account funding process. We've improved the Nexo app translations in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Turkish. We've also added support for Italian!

How to benefit: If the default setting of your device is set to any of the supported languages, you will automatically see the translated version. If not, here's how you can change your language manually.

  1. Tap on My Profile from the top left corner of your Nexo app.
  2. Select Settings and then Language.
  3. Pick your preferred language.

Stay tuned for more product upgrades coming your way! Don't worry if you miss any - we'll make sure to give you a quick recap in the next edition of "What's New."

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