Nexo Booster

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Leverage your crypto holdings to borrow more funds and grow your position in a given asset up to 3 times. All in a few clicks.

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Why Use the Nexo Booster

Take advantage of upward market trends without the hassle.

Buy More with Less

Use your current holdings and buy up to 3 times more of your favorite digital assets by financing the acquisition through a crypto-backed credit.

Save Yourself the Extra Effort

Rather than going through multiple manual actions, the Nexo Booster saves you time by automatically executing a borrow and exchange transaction all in one go.

Repay on Your Own Schedule

The Nexo Booster is powered by our Crypto Credit Lines, meaning you can pay off your balance partially or fully when you want with no fixed payment schedule.

How It Works

Navigate to the Exchange tab on the Nexo platform or app and select “Booster”.
Select Currency Pair
Choose the “Pay with” currency that you want to leverage against, and your “Receive” currency – the asset you want to buy.
Choose Leverage
Drag the Leverage bar to the factor to which you wish to boost your existing assets – from 1.5x up to 3x.
Complete the Boost
Tap “Exchange” and you’re done. The newly-acquired assets will be added to your Credit Line Wallet as collateral for your boost.
Take Profits
If the value of your boosted assets grows, you may choose to repay your outstanding credit and realize the profits – you can do so by tapping “Repay” on your Dashboard.

When to Boost

Learn when might be the best time to use the Nexo Booster.
Boost to Catch the Bulls
Boost to Catch the Bulls

We all know the feeling – the market takes off, and you can just feel in your bones that it’s going to keep climbing, but don’t have the starting capital to make as big a jump as you’d like.

That’s where the Nexo Booster has your back. Get up to 3x the funds you start with, so you can catch up to the herd of bulls and make your move count!

Boost to Buy the Dip
Boost to Buy the Dip

Dips are the favorite buying moments for most traders, but using the funds you already have or borrowing against just 20-50% of the value of your crypto isn’t always enough, especially when the market hits rock bottom.

So if you’re looking to bump up your gains from buying the dip, the Nexo Booster is an efficient way to do so!


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