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New Features

Our quest to provide you with an all-in-one platform is at a significant milestone. Today, we’re launching Nexo Pro — a crypto trading platform where you can place advanced orders, execute automated strategies, trade with margin, and open futures contracts. It aggregates liquidity from 10+ providers including leading exchanges, which means one thing — the best price possible for all your trades.

To celebrate its launch, until November 30 you get 50% off trading fees on Nexo Pro.

What is Nexo Pro?

Nexo Pro is a crypto trading platform and aggregator with one of the deepest liquidity pools among all exchanges. It is made up of the 3,000+ order books from our own Nexo Exchange, leading companies like Binance, Huobi, and FTX, 3rd party providers, and selected market makers. Being automated, Nexo Pro finds the best order execution and processes it automatically, instantly, and with minimum slippage. This way you get the best prices possible and by extension, the only platform you need for all your crypto trading.

The platform works alongside our holistic product line-up including the Earn Crypto Interest suite, Instant Crypto Credit Lines, and Nexo Card. This makes it easy to switch from earning, borrowing, and spending to trading, at no cost.

What Does Nexo Pro Offer?

Nexo Pro comes with many new tools for institutional-level trading.

  • Advanced Orders
    Place market, limit (good-till-canceled), stop loss and take profit orders on 400+ crypto pairs. You can move your funds in and out of Nexo Pro as many times as you want and free of charge. This means you can place a limit order at your target price, wait until it gets filled, and then move the funds to your Savings Wallet where you earn interest.
  • Margin Trading¹
    Enable going long or short with up to 5x leverage with just a single button. The crypto in your portfolio will be used as collateral to receive funds and you can repay whenever you want. On the Nexo Pro dashboard, you have an overview from where you can check your outstanding loan, margin level, and margin call threshold. If the threshold is hit, you will receive automated reminders prompting you to add more collateral.
  • Strategy Trading
    Automate your strategy with TWAP to execute orders at a price close to the time-weighted average price within a period of your choice. Having access to spot and futures markets from the same platform allows you to enter a basis trade.
  • Perpetual Futures¹
    Trade futures contracts settled in USDT with up to 2x leverage. Utilize futures to gain exposure to assets without buying them. With futures, you can trade perpetual contracts even on assets that can’t be found on the spot trading or regular Nexo Exchange, such as GMT, ALGO, WAVES, XTZ, and many more.
  • Low Fees
    Until the end of November, fee rates on Nexo Pro are 50% lower. The fees depend on your 30-day trading volume — the higher it gets, the lower your fees are. Nexo Pro uses a maker-taker model for determining trading fees.

How to Access Nexo Pro?

Nexo Pro is available on our web platform for all Nexo users. To access it use your existing account and transfer funds from your Savings Wallet. If you need to top up your Savings Wallet, use your credit or debit card to buy crypto or use a bank transfer:

  1. Log in to Nexo Pro using your existing Nexo account.
  2. Click on “Deposit” to transfer crypto from your Nexo account to Nexo Pro.
  3. Trade crypto on Nexo Pro.
  4. Move funds in and out of Nexo Pro as often as you like with no fees.

Nexo Pro is secured by the same top-tier infrastructure that has been successfully protecting client funds since 2018. All custodial assets are insured for $750M through custody partners such as Ledger Vault, among others. At any time you can check a real-time attestation over the company’s custodial holdings. This reserves attestation provided by Armanino LLP is a testament to the fact that we can meet client obligations at all times.

Nexo Pro Today and Tomorrow

By presenting individuals with institutional-level trading that works at the same platform where you earn, borrow and spend, we’re getting one step closer to fulfilling our vision. To provide you with a complete suite for everything crypto. The right place where you can execute your strategy at the best rates — no matter if you’re playing the long game or benefitting from short-term price movements.

The Nexo Pro roadmap is fully aligned with this vision. We look forward to integrating NEXO Token utilities into the trading experience, releasing the Nexo Pro mobile app, and adding higher leverage, more automated strategies, market and limit order types. Trade responsibly and enjoy Nexo Pro!

¹All or part of the Nexo Pro Services, some features thereof, or some Digital Assets, are not available in certain jurisdictions, including where restrictions or limitations may apply, as indicated on the Nexo Pro Platform and in the relevant general terms and conditions.

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