Nexo Brainer #6: The Nexo Exchange & Fixed Terms Explained

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Get the most out of the Nexo Exchange and find out how to earn even higher interest on your assets with Episode #6.

What We Cover In This Episode

  • A detailed walkthrough on how to use the Nexo Exchange and get the most out of its features.
  • How to increase your passive income with our Fixed Terms and earn even higher interest in your idle assets.

The Nexo Exchange

Тhe Nexo Exchange allows you to manage your portfolio in a few clicks and make instant swaps between 150+ market pairs. Thanks to our Smart Routing System, you no longer need to crunch numbers – the system does it for you within a fraction of a second and offers you a better deal than any manually executed swap. This institutional-grade infrastructure allows us to aggregate rates from to the most trusted and well-capitalized exchanges providing you with a quote based on the best spot price and with zero fluctuation.

Swap any assets in real time and have them available instantly in your Savings Wallet where you immediately start earning high-yield interest. On top of this, you can swap the collateralized assets that are backing your credit line, using our Collateral Exchange which helps you prevent automatic repayments during market downturn. If you’re interested in this feature check our Episode #2 of the Nexo Brainer.

Nexo’s Fixed Terms

One of the most efficient ways to grow the passive income on your idle assets is to utilize Nexo’s Fixed Terms. Our Fixed Terms functionality allows you to store your digital assets for a set period of time – one, three or twelve months – in order to earn significantly higher yields.

Here’s an actual example of how you can earn higher rates with our Fixed Terms on NEXO Tokens:

  1. Go to your wallet, click on the NEXO Tokens tab and tap on “Manage Your NEXO Wallets”.
  2. Click on the “Fixed Terms”, select “Create a New Term” and choose between three or twelve month options.
  3. Insert the amount of tokens you want to place in your Fixed Term and click “Create New Fixed Term”.

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The Nexo Brainer, hosted by our Business Developer George Manolov, is designed to keep you up to date on the latest Nexo features. In each episode, our expert team shares strategies on how to use our products to your best advantage, so make sure you check out the videos.

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