Enjoy a Better Buying Experience on the Nexo Web Platform

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New Features


  • The upgrades to the Nexo web platform make buying crypto even easier.
  • There are new shortcuts to the redesigned Buy page where you can complete a crypto purchase in seconds.
  • You can benefit from the improvements as soon as you log in to your account on the Nexo web platform.

The upgrades to the Nexo web platform are coming fast. After the recent launch of the Nexo Booster and the Markets page on web, we now have an update focused on improving your buying experience. As ever, the goal is to make everything seamless, no matter if you’re using the web platform or the Nexo app. And what better way to do it than to be able to complete any crypto transaction in a matter of seconds?

Remember that every transaction is instant and gets you up to 0.5% back in crypto rewards.

What’s New

Navigation and Dashboard
The upgrades start from the navigation bar. The first thing you might notice is that the Account page is now called the Dashboard, just like on the Nexo App. More importantly, we’ve conveniently placed a “Buy Crypto” button on the right-hand side of the navigation for quick access to the Buy page. On the Dashboard, you’ll also find a new “Add Funds” button that will take you to all the available options for funding your account — Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, or Top Up Crypto.

Buy Page
You’ll see the new Buy page when you click “Buy Crypto” in the top right corner or after selecting the Credit/Debit card option from the “Add Funds” button. We’ve made the new page as intuitive as it can be. You’ll only need to select the cryptocurrency, the amount you’d like to buy, and your preferred payment option. The “Pay with” drop-down list will allow you to select a bank card or link a new one to your account. Here you can also choose to pay with your existing fiat balance.

Asset Pages
One of the most recent upgrades to the Nexo web platform brought you the Markets page — the place where you can track the prices of all cryptocurrencies on Nexo. What’s new here is that every individual asset page now provides quick access should you decide to make a move. We’ve essentially made it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from the same place where you track their price action.

After this update, there’s no wrong answer to the question “Where do I buy crypto on Nexo?”. You get multiple options, and all of them are seamless. However, if you prefer to wait for the perfect moment to buy or sell, the Asset page should be your go-to. You have the price chart and the latest asset-related news on the same page that allows you to get into the action.

On Nexo, there are over 50 crypto assets that you can buy, including BTC, ETH, SOL, and the latest ones listed, like OP. To build your portfolio, log into your Nexo account and benefit from the web platform upgrades.

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