Earn 8% on XRP & Create a Snowball Effect on Your Wealth!

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Create a snowball effect on your wealth with Nexo’s industry-leading 8% yield on XRP!

Current and aspiring XRP holders are among those to benefit the most from the latest upgrades to our Earn on Crypto suite. The XRP community has shown great support for Nexo over the years and we are thrilled to give back by offering an industry-best 8% yield on this popular coin.

In Your XRP’s Best Interest

Nexo’s 8% yield is higher than any other crypto lender’s maximum rates, which currently range from 3% to 5.7%. To do the math for you, by holding your XRP with us, you get 40-166% more interest that goes straight into your wallet on a daily basis.

You don’t yet hold XRP? Here are a few reasons why you should consider diversifying your investment portfolio with XRP, a scalable, easy-to-buy and transfer coin.

8% on XRP & Much More

Our industry-leading XRP rates come with all the benefits that you have come to expect of Nexo’s services, including:

  • A unique daily payout of all interest earned.
  • No minimum or maximum limits on funds deposited, offering infinite opportunities to earn.
  • Full flexibility with no lock-in periods, so you can withdraw your funds anytime.
  • #ZeroFees on all transactions.
  • All funds are asset-backed by Nexo’s portfolio of 200–500% overcollateralized crypto credit lines.

How to Get an 8% Yield?

Here is a breakdown of the three different rates you can get with Earn on XRP, how to get them, and how they measure up to what the rest of the industry has to offer.

1. The Nexo Standard: 5% Interest on XRP

Simply transfer XRP into your Nexo account and automatically start earning our base rate of 5% APY, paid out daily and in kind. You couldn’t earn less with Nexo, even if you tried.

Our standard rate itself is already higher than 80% of other lenders’ maximum yields!

2. The NEXO Token Bonus: 6% Interest on XRP

If 10% of the value of your Nexo account comprises NEXO Tokens, you receive a bonus 1% interest, boosting your yield to 6% APY, paid out daily and in kind.*

With this option, you are already earning more interest than anywhere else in the industry, but there’s more.

*This bonus will become part of the Nexo Loyalty program’s Platinum tier as of December 9, 2020. The 10% token holding requirement for this tier will remain the same.

3. Earn in NEXO: 8% Interest on XRP

To get the best industry rates by far, opt to receive your daily payout in NEXO Tokens and get a 2% higher yield on your XRP. You will then receive a total of 8% interest, paid out daily in NEXO Tokens.

Interest Rates with True Flare

As a part of Nexo’s commitment to pushing the blockchain space forward, we aim to facilitate the use of as wide a range of assets as possible. With this motivation, Nexo will be supporting the upcoming Flare Networks Spark airdrop. As the Flare Network expands Nexo will work towards integrating it onto our platform, while continuing our support for the existing XRP Ledger protocol and XRP.

How Did We Achieve 8% Interest on XRP?

Our XRP rates are a product of Nexo’s robust business model and our new Nexonomics – a series of defining upgrades to the NEXO’s tokenomics set to sustainably boost our business, your wealth, and our native token’s utility and value.

The first Nexonomics release Earn UP comprised a 1% bump in our standard interest on crypto, bringing the base rates to 5-6% APY for XRP and other assets. Along with Earn UP came Earn in NEXO – the opt-in that provides an extra 2% yield when you choose to receive your payout in NEXO Tokens.

Nexonomics also included the addition of BNB to our Earn suite with industry-best yields, which expand our client base even further. The most recently announced Nexonomics release – our new Loyalty program – goes live on December 9, 2020. The impact of this initiative on our community is already evident from the rising price of the NEXO Token since its launch, as well as our persistently growing loan book.

To learn more about Nexonomics and hear about the next set of releases, make sure you follow the Nexonomics page or the #Nexonomics and #tokenUp hashtags on Twitter.

To our loyal XRP users, Nexo always has your XRP’s best interest at heart and this latest development is no exception. We cannot wait to see you earning with our industry-leading rates.

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