Industry-best 8% APY with Earn on BNB is Here!

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Asset Updates

The Earn on Crypto suite keeps growing with our newest addition: BNB! We are proud to release Earn on BNB, giving you up to 8% APY on Binance’s native coin, and even more excited to offer the industry’s highest yield on this asset thanks to our Nexonomics initiative. BNB powers the Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and has added utilities, such as covering trading fees on the exchange and allowing holders to participate in token sales on the Binance Launchpad.

Get the best yield in the industry for your BNB with Nexo featuring:

  • Up to 8% compounding interest on BNB.
  • A unique daily payout of all interest earned.
  • No minimum or maximum limits on funds deposited, offering infinite opportunities to earn.
  • Full flexibility with no lock-in periods, so you can withdraw your funds anytime.
  • #ZeroFees on all transactions.
  • All funds are asset-backed by Nexo’s portfolio of 200–500% overcollateralized crypto credit lines.

Offering Earn on BNB comes shortly after our first-in-series Nexonomics launches: Earn UP and Earn in NEXO. It is thanks to these two vital upgrades to our interest-bearing accounts that we can now offer the top APY for BNB across the crypto space, as well as sport some of the most competitive yields in the industry with our Earn on Crypto suite: up to 8% on all supported cryptocurrencies, and 12% on fiat and stablecoins.

Nexo and Binance Go Way Back

Shortly after launching the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ in early 2018, BNB was one of the first assets to be added as collateral for our signature product. This was also the very first BNB-backed credit line available. In July 2019, we teamed up with Binance once again, this time migrating 10% of the total supply of NEXO Tokens to the Binance network. This bold move allowed us to execute transactions faster and at significantly lower fees, while giving NEXO holders more flexibility in their dealings, including the option to trade our native token on the Binance DEX exchange.

The Bigger Picture

By supporting each other’s tokens and products Binance and Nexo expand their reach, giving each other more weight in the crypto industry. Earn on BNB creates a valuable crossover between our two companies, allowing us to work in synergy to form a healthy and competitive market for the new blockchain-based economy.

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