Buy Crypto with Card: Now Available in the US!

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New Features

Looking for a faster alternative to wire transfers? You’ve got it. Citizens of the US can now buy crypto instantly using debit or credit card.

While wire transfers can take one or two business days to process, with card purchases you no longer need to wait for your funds to arrive. This payment method takes seconds to set up and the transaction is completed instantly.

As part of this new feature, your card details will now be automatically saved for future use.

The Perks of Buying Crypto with Card

Buy in Seconds: You can buy 40+ cryptocurrencies instantly and effortlessly with your credit or debit card. There are no complicated procedures or clunky UI to fight against. Just add your bank card details and buy at the touch of a button.

Excellent Market Prices: Our Smart Routing System monitors crypto prices across the top ten exchanges at once, providing you with the most cost-effective execution possible. It doesn’t matter how in-demand your targeted asset is, we make sure you get the real-time price.

Instant Crypto Rewards: When buying crypto with card, you receive up to 0.5% in free crypto on your purchase, paid out in the received currency. This benefit is automatic and becomes available when at least 1% of your wallet is in NEXO Tokens.

No Hidden Fees: You see the exact processing fees before you finish the purchase and there are no hidden fees that can wipe out your returns. The process of buying crypto on Nexo is as transparent as it can be.

How to Buy Crypto with Card?

The process is seamless and it only takes a few seconds. To buy crypto with card, you can use the “Add Funds” button on your Dashboard or simply select a cryptocurrency from the Markets tab or the Nexo Exchange.

  1. Tap on the “Add Funds” button and choose “Credit/Debit Card”.
  2. Select the crypto asset you want to purchase.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to spend in USD, EUR or GBP.
  4. Press “Continue” and fill in your card details to finish your purchase.

Update to the latest version of the app on your phone and you can start buying crypto with card.

All card transactions are securely processed via our trusted payment partners and your card details are not shared with other parties.

You can see the maximum transaction amount and monthly limit here.

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