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Asset Updates

In response to the recent surge to stablecoins, Nexo has added USDC as a borrowing option for our tax-efficient Instant Crypto Credit Lines.

The advantages of borrowing with Nexo:

  • The best borrowing rates starting from 5.9% APR only on what you actually use
  • Withdrawals now available in USDC, USDT as well as in 40+ fiat currencies
  • А minimum amount of $500 and a maximum of $2M (larger sums available upon request)
  • #ZeroFees — No hidden fees or FX commissions
  • Automated and guaranteed instant approval with no credit checks
  • No installments and no minimum loan repayments
  • Same/next day free local bank withdrawals
  • Available worldwide in 200+ jurisdictions

Nexo also offers its Earn Interest product with which clients can earn up to 8% compounding interest paid out daily on their USDC.

Why Borrow USDC?

USDC was launched by Centre, a consortium of founding members including Goldman Sachs-backed Fintech company Circle and leading US crypto exchange Coinbase. Furthermore, unlike other stablecoins, USDC is 100% USD-denominated. The collateralized dollars are held in federally insured deposits, which are audited on a monthly basis by the renowned accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP.

USDC is accessible to both institutions and individuals and the asset is the second biggest stablecoin by market capitalization and volume after Tether. Тhe COVID-19-induced volatility in the crypto market also led to a sharp increase in stablecoin investment, with USDC, in particular, exhibiting a growth of 42% over the course of a few weeks in early March.

Centre’s stablecoin is accepted on 74 cryptocurrency exchanges — including Coinbase and Kraken — where it serves as a quicker, more convenient fiat on-ramp. Trading pairs include BTC, USDT, ETH, BAT, DAI, LTC, and BCH with the top five listed in the table below.

The USD Coin maintains a secure business model with decentralized issuance and provides holders with an option for instant crypto purchases through its wide integration on exchanges and powerful trading pairs. Nexo is excited to provide investors with loans in USDC and we are confident that clients borrowing the asset will effectively leverage its potential.

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