๐ŸŽฌ Whatโ€™s New In March: The Latest Nexo Card Upgrades

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Welcome to your March recap! This month, the star of the show is the Nexo Card โ€“ your bridge between crypto and everyday life.

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Recap of Credit and Debit Mode

To kick things off, we recap what makes the Nexo Card unique.

Mitko: โ€œThe Nexo Card is the first product to offer Credit and Debit ะœode for complete flexibility when spending. With Credit Mode, you borrow against the assets you donโ€™t want to sell, like Bitcoin, to book a trip, buy a laptop, or finance other items on your shop list. In this way, you not only hold your digital assets but also get up to 2% crypto cashback when spending.โ€

Mitko: โ€œIf you decide itโ€™s time to spend your crypto, Debit Mode allows you to do that. You can make small and big purchases by using all assets in your account, including stablecoins. Since thereโ€™s no moving funds to separate wallets, you will be earning interest on your digital assets one moment, and spending them the other, with no extra effort. You can switch between the two modes as often as youโ€™d like depending on the purchase. Now let's dive into the first upgrade thatโ€™s going to make your Nexo Card experience even better.โ€

Now that you have the basics of both modes, itโ€™s time to start with our first update.

Spending Priority in Debit Mode

This one is dedicated to making your Debit Mode experience even better.

Mitko: โ€œYou can now easily manage which assets are used for Debit Mode purchases and their order of spending to ensure youโ€™re always in control. Why is that important? Letโ€™s say you donโ€™t want to use Bitcoin for your new laptop but instead would pay with stablecoins.โ€

Mitko: โ€œTo do that, go to the Card tab on your Nexo app. Tap Card Mode and select Debit Mode. Choose the icon above the list and disable the assets you donโ€™t want to spend. You can also change the spending priority of your assets with a simple drag and drop. And thatโ€™s how easy it is to HODL your Bitcoin instead of spending it with Debit Mode.โ€

Enhanced Transaction History

The second update applies to both modes and can help you track your transactions better.

Mitko: โ€œWe've recently made reviewing your expenses even easier. Your Nexo Card transactions are now assigned into different categories, with information about the merchant."

Mitko: โ€œYou can find your purchases under Transactions in the Card tab of your Nexo app. Simply tap on the transaction of your choice and get an overview of your purchase. Weโ€™re working towards evolving this feature into a complete analytics hub to offer you a more detailed breakdown of your spending habits.โ€

The Nexo Card Holiday Spending Report

Find out how many Bitcoins were saved from the market during the 23/24 festive season and which mode was preferred.

Read Report

Stay tuned for our next episode of 'What's New', where we'll continue to share the latest product developments and innovations at Nexo.

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45๊ฐœ ์ด์ƒ์˜ ๋ฒ•์ •ํ™”ํ๋กœ ์ฆ‰์‹œ ๋Œ€์ถœํ•˜๊ณ  ์œ ํœด ์ž์‚ฐ์— ๋Œ€ํ•ด ๋งค์ผ ์ด์ž๋ฅผ ๋ฐ›์„ ์ˆ˜ ์žˆ๋Š” ์œ ์ผํ•œ ์•”ํ˜ธํ™”ํ ๊ณ„์ •

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