Win from our $10,000 Prize Pool or a Saga Phone

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Limited Offers

How long will the promo be available?

This limited-time promo will be available only from Tuesday, Aug 8, at 9:00 UTC, to Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023, at 23:59 UTC.

What should I do to get a reward?

To become eligible for a reward, you only need to deposit or buy $100 or more worth of SOL on Nexo.

You need to be aware of market volatility and how it can affect your chances. If you top-up $100 on Aug 10 and the total value of your assets falls below this before the end of the promo, you will be required to add additional funds to reach the initial $100 level again.

It's important to note that rewards are limited to one per user.

Am I eligible for an award if I already have $100 worth of SOL in my Nexo Account?

For this specific promotion, you would need to make a fresh deposit or purchase of at least $100 worth of SOL within the timeframe of Aug 08 to Aug 22. Unfortunately, existing deposits or purchases prior to this period do not qualify for the promotion. The net SOL deposit amount is the only one that counts towards the promo goal.

How are the rewards split?

We’ll randomly draw 17 winners, who will split the prizes as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 1 SAGA Phone
  • 2-3rd Prize: $1,000 worth of SOL
  • 4-7th Prize: $750 worth of SOL
  • 8-17th Prize: $500 worth of SOL

When will I get my reward?

You will get your reward by Sep 5, 2023.

The rewards from the prize pool will be paid out in SOL and will land in your Savings Wallet immediately, meaning you'll start earning interest on top of it right away.

We will personally reach out to the winner of the Saga phone and arrange the delivery details, with Nexo taking care of the shipping costs.

How can I deposit SOL on Nexo?

Depositing SOL in your Nexo account is easy:

  1. Tap on the Wallet tab and select SOL.
  2. Select “Top Up SOL” and copy your deposit address.
  3. Choose the Solana network in the third-party crypto wallet or exchange.
  4. Paste your deposit address and confirm the transfer. Your funds should arrive shortly.

How can I buy SOL with a card?

Follow these steps to buy SOL on Nexo:

  • Open your app, and click on the “Buy” button on the Dashboard.
  • Pick SOL and enter the amount you want to buy.
  • Choose a credit or debit card as a payment method.
  • Confirm your purchase to finalize the transaction.

On Nexo, all purchases with debit and credit cards are instant, meaning that your newly acquired SOL will appear in your Nexo account immediately after you complete the process.

Purchases with Apple Pay or Google Pay will also be accepted as valid forms of payment and meet the requirements for participation.

How can I buy SOL with a bank transfer?

To purchase SOL with a bank transfer, start by topping up your account with USD, EUR, or GBP from your local bank. Here’s how:

  • Open your app and click on the “Top Up” button on the Dashboard.
  • Select the “Top up USD, EUR, and GBP” option
  • Chose bank transfer and select the currency you want to top up
  • Use your personal IBAN to initiate the transfer

GBP wires via Faster Payments and EUR wires via SEPA Instant are completed within seconds, with your funds available in the Nexo account immediately.

Once your funds arrive in your Nexo account, go to the Exchange tab in the app and swap your funds for at least $100 worth of SOL to enter the promo.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

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