Why Nexo #3: Spending Cash ≠ Selling Crypto

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Many of you Nexo users are probably already leveraging our Why Nexo suggestions from previous articles. To keep your heads full of fresh ideas, here’s our next batch of use cases for the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™. This time we’ll be discussing the simple yet hot topic of spending – covering the costs of the stuff you actually need as well as, to put it colloquially, “splurging”.

The Big Buys

From your weekly grocery shop to those bigger investments, the cost of living ain’t cheap. Nexo’s credit lines enable you to easily and cost-efficiently cover various important milestones in life such as:

  • Buying a Home: Nexo is known for executing the first crypto-backed mortgage and it wasn’t our last. Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients with credit withdrawals for real estate purchases.
  • Buying a Car: Cars are another milestone that most people reach using credit. Since the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ offer lower interest rates and greater repayment flexibility, they are a good option to consider when buying a vehicle.
  • Education: This one is for blockchain-savvy young (and why not old?) people looking for less conventional ways to finance their studies. Paying tuition through a crypto credit line can be more cost-effective than traditional student loans, and offers the bonus that, should the value of your crypto rise over the years, you will automatically and significantly reduce your debt.

Spending for Enjoyment (The Splurge)

Many purchases aren’t a bare necessity – there are plenty of things you can go without. But why should you, if they bring you genuine joy? Your Instant Crypto Credit Line™ can help you fund any splurging on I-don’t-need-it-but-I-want-it type buys, from the latest fashions off the catwalk, to equipping your PC with the best graphics card, traveling the world, or getting a skydiving license.

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