What’s New In August: Debit Mode, Asset Listings & More

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New Features

This past month has brought you the much-anticipated update that solidified the Nexo Card as the world-first Dual Mode crypto card! Let's delve deeper and explore it, along with all other recent product updates.

The Nexo Card Debit Mode Is Here

The Nexo Card now allows you to switch between Credit and Debit Mode with just a tap! With the new Debit Mode, you can use your EUR, USD, and GBP stablecoin balance to guarantee seamless payments while earning up to 9% interest, paid out daily.

Want to know the key differences between Debit and Credit Mode? Our redesigned Nexo Card webpage is your go-to source of truth. And don’t forget – you can switch between the two modes as often as you’d like, from one sleek package. That means no more carrying multiple cards, spread throughout different accounts.

New Low-Cost Networks

Been waiting to deposit your SOL, NEAR, and ATOM to Nexo and earn industry-leading rates? You can now transfer the tokens via their native networks. As always, there are no transfer fees to worry about. Here are the yields awaiting you:

The total amount of blockchains supported on Nexo rises to 16! Here is the breakdown of them all.

Hedera (HBAR) and Worldcoin (WLD) Join Nexo

A community favorite and the latest crypto trend are now available on Nexo. You can now add the new assets to your portfolio with a quick card purchase or swap on the Nexo Exchange.

hbar logo
Hedera hbar
Graph showing the currency price change

The new assets can also be used as collateral for a crypto-backed loan starting from 0% interest.

wld logo
Worldcoin wld
Graph showing the currency price change

Your Push Notifications Center Is Live

You can now choose the push notifications you want to see from the Nexo app. Select from product updates, price alerts, and daily interest updates and receive only that along with your account activity.

How to benefit: The Notifications Center is in the My Profile section of your Nexo app. Before adjusting your preferences, make sure you have enabled push notifications from the Nexo app from your device settings.

Bonus Round: You Ask, We Answer

In this new segment, we’ll answer your product-related questions to help you master every aspect of our platform. We start off with two questions from Reddit.

Question 1: About the Spend at 0%" Feature of the Nexo Card (Credit Mode)

Answer: Think of it like having a safety net. For example, if you buy a $100 item, enough of your crypto will be automatically transferred to your Credit Line Wallet while making sure your loan stays below the 20% LTV, needed for the zero-interest loan*. You do the shopping, we keep everything balanced for you.

Question 2: About Using NEXO Tokens In the Credit Line Wallet

Answer: Using your NEXO Tokens as collateral would not, in itself, increase the amount you can borrow at 0%, as this depends on all assets in your account. Instead, it offers a distinct perk, one that is only available for our token. You will be earning 4% interest on all the NEXO Tokens in your Credit Line Wallet, meaning you generate passive income on your collateral. At the same time, the amount of NEXO will count toward your current Loyalty Tier. For all the benefits of holding NEXO Tokens, click here.

Want to learn how to best utilize a certain product feature? Just ask your questions on our community channels – we’re all ears and ready to give you the answers in What’s New.

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Disclaimer: Currently, only citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) can order a Nexo Card.

*The zero-cost loan is available only on Platinum Loyalty Tier, and when the LTV ratio is below 20%.

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