🎬 What’s New In February: Recurring Buys & More

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Your monthly recap is here! February saw the market buzzing with activity, and we matched its pace by delivering even more excitement your way.

Watch the video to find out which assets we introduced to Nexo and what are the ways to build a portfolio from scratch.

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Can't watch the video? Check out the transcript below to catch up in your own time 👇.

Recurring Buys and Crypto Bundles

To kick things off, we recap two recently released products that allow you to go from cash to crypto as conveniently as possible.

Mitko: “The first one is called Recurring Buys. It allows you to purchase your favorite assets at fixed time intervals, no matter the price. You can set it up from the Buy button on your Nexo app. Simply select the asset, enter the amount, and choose how often you want to make a purchase; once you confirm your order, you’ll buy Bitcoin automatically every week."

"Recurring Buys are useful when you want to grow your portfolio regularly, as every time you buy assets, they will start earning you interest too. In the long run. Recurring Buys also help you buy assets at an average price instead of trying to time the market.”

The Blockchains Bundle gives you exposure to five Layer 1 and Layer 2 tokens.

“The other option to build your portfolio is Crypto Bundles. They allow you to buy multiple assets from the same category. For example, if you’re interested in Layer 1 and Layer 2 tokens but don’t know which ones to select, you can use the Blockchains Bundle. You can find it on the Nexo Exchange. Select the Blockchains Bundle… and enter how much you want to buy. Confirm your order, and that’s it - you’ve just received equal amounts of each asset in the bundle.”

So there you have it. Two ways that make it easy to get started with crypto from scratch.

Three New Assets

In February, we introduced three new assets to expand the options available to you.

The three new assets available on Nexo.

Mitko: “Recently, we added three exciting new assets to Nexo. Celestia — the modular data availability network, Injective — the fast layer 1 blockchain, and AltLayer — the protocol for rollups. All assets are available with a quick card purchase. Just select the asset, enter the amount you want to buy, and you will receive your tokens instantly.”

tia logo
Celestia tia
Graph showing the currency price change

“Celestia and Injective can also be transferred from an external wallet. Once you have either of two assets in your account, you automatically start earning up to 9% annual interest. We’re always paying attention to new projects in the crypto space. Let us know which ones you’d like to see on Nexo in the comments below.”

Stay tuned for our next episode of 'What's New', where we'll continue to share the latest product developments and innovations at Nexo.

TIA, INJ, and ALT are restricted in certain jurisdictions. The Nexo Earn Interest Product and Buy Crypto with Card are restricted in certain jurisdictions.

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