What’s New In January: The Debut Episode Is Live!

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The 3rd Anniversary of the Nexo Exchange

Mitko:Welcome to 'What's New' - your source for all the latest upgrades in the Nexo ecosystem. I’m Mitko, product manager at Nexo, and I am here to show you how to manage your digital assets better by utilizing the improvements we make for you. In this first episode, we’re happy to celebrate a special milestone – the 3rd anniversary of one of our flagship products, the Nexo Exchange!

Mitko: “What started as a simple swap feature soon revealed the need for a more versatile experience. Our clients sought advanced tools for diverse strategies, leading us to evolve the Nexo Exchange into an intuitive hub to buy, sell, and trade. Now through numerous explorations, the Nexo Exchange is home to multiple products, including, the spotlight of today’s episode - the highly anticipated Futures trading.”

Now let’s give you an inside look at how we simplify the complexities of perpetual trading.

Futures Made Easy

Mitko: “Futures on Nexo offer a simpler approach to the complex world of perpetuals. From our research, we identified that many Nexo users get overwhelmed with complex trading screens. We wanted to make our Futures product swift and efficient, so we set ourselves a challenge - make opening a long or short position in under 20 seconds.”

Mitko: “That’s why we chose a minimalistic approach, focusing on the essentials - the direction of your trade and the size of your order. Once you’re happy with those, you just need to confirm your trade. And just like that, we opened a long position for Bitcoin. If you need more information before you enter a trade, you can find the charts and the order book by tapping the bid and ask amounts on your screen.”

Mitko: “Since its launch in November, we've introduced exciting updates to our Futures product, including trigger orders, allowing you to open and close a position at your desired price. We also listed 10 new contracts to trade, with more being added every month.”

Next up, let's dive into a major upgrade in our Earn Suite.

Dual Investment on Web

Mitko: “Previously only available through the Nexo app, we successfully integrated Dual Investment into our web platform, giving you uninterrupted access, no matter the device."

Mitko: “Dual Investment is an opportunity to earn higher interest rates than the standard for our Earn product. This is possible by subscribing to automated Buy Low or Sell High strategies that utilize the market movements - let’s see how it works.“

Mitko: “To start, simply select the asset. Choose the strategy and view the available subscriptions. There are multiple subscriptions over shorter and longer periods, depending on your goals. After choosing a subscription and entering the amount, you’ll be able to see the potential returns to ensure you’re making a well-informed decision.”

“So, if you’re looking for new ways to grow your portfolio, try Dual Investment - now available on both the Nexo app and our web platform.”

Speaking of enhancements, our latest network integrations now offer you more flexibility.

More Options for Blockchain Transfers

Mitko: “Recently, we've made progress towards making your crypto journey even more seamless. We’ve integrated the Arbitrum network for USDT transfers, so you can have even more flexibility when adding funds to your Nexo account and executing withdrawals.“

Mitko: “We are constantly building towards a future where blockchain transfers are cost-efficient. That is why on Nexo, you can transfer your assets at no cost over more than 15 networks.”

Signing Off

“That wraps up this episode of 'What's New'. Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for our next edition, where we'll continue to unveil the latest from Nexo!"

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