What’s New: Spend Crypto with the Nexo Card, Trigger Orders for Futures & More

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New Features

As we waved goodbye to 2023, it’s time to welcome the new year with more exciting features. Let’s dive into the latest product updates to make your 2024 rock.

The Brief

Pay For Everything You Need with Crypto

The long-awaited feature of the Nexo Card is finally here. Whether you want to buy your groceries or get your morning coffee, you can now seamlessly switch your Nexo Card* to Debit Mode and pay using the same crypto that earns your interest. It’s really that simple!

How to Spend Your Crypto with the Nexo Card

Spending priority can be changed via drag-and-drop functionality or a quick filter to move assets to the top, as shown in the gif.

  1. Open the Card tab in your Nexo app.
  2. Tap Card Mode and Select Debit Mode.
  3. Move your preferred crypto to the top of the list to spend it first.
  4. Add a backup currency to “second” to spend it next.

Automated Futures Trading

Ever thought how useful it would be to have a smart assistant that helps you with trading? That’s what you get with trigger orders. With this instrument, you can set your price targets, sit back, and open or close your positions automatically. Here are three useful order types that can help you manage your positions efficiently when trading Futures on the Nexo app.

  • Trigger Entry: Use it to set a specific price at which you want to enter a position.
  • Take Profit: Set a target price at which your position for the selected futures contract will be closed to realize profits.
  • Stop Loss: Set a target price at which your selected futures contract will be closed to prevent further losses.

Take a look at this short explainer to find out how you can set a trigger entry.

For more concise guides on trading Futures, check out this dedicated playlist.

Diversify Your Portfolio with Crypto Bundles

Looking to enter the crypto market and go beyond BTC? With Crypto Bundles, you can get exposure to hand-picked asset categories and spread your purchase in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Explore the following categories easily from your Nexo app:

  • Essentials

Essentials consists of a balanced combination of blue-chip assets, reputable altcoins, and the gold-backed PAXG for diversifying your portfolio.

  • Web3

Web3 consists of Metaverse, NFT, and gaming tokens mixture, representing the trend-setting projects of the crypto economy.

  • Blockchains

Blockchains consist of next-wave native Layer 1 and Layer 2 tokens, providing fast, cheap, and more reliable services.

  • DeFi

DeFi consists of tokens native to decentralized applications, pioneering the technology that reshapes traditional finance models.

  • Exchange Tokens

Exchange Tokens consist of digital assets issued by leading crypto platforms that help accelerate the adoption of crypto, by offering an easy gateway.

To purchase a Crypto Bundle, you have the option to use your balances in USDT, BTC, or stablecoins like EUR, GBP, and USD.

Email Two-Factor Authentication

Beyond SMS and an authenticator app, we're now offering the convenience of using your email for Two-Factor Authentication. You can make the switch from your account setting and start receiving codes for loan repayments, withdrawals, and more in your email. Experience simplified security delivered directly to your inbox.

Seamless Withdrawals

Our commitment to ease and convenience extends beyond top-up methods. It's also central to how we handle withdrawals. With this new feature, you can enjoy the simplicity of directly sending EUR and GBP to your linked bank cards.

Small Tweaks = Big Improvements

  • You can now view your complete transaction history in the display currency of your account.
  • You can now add personalized notes to your withdrawals and keep tabs on where your crypto is heading.

You Ask, We Answer

In this section, we're answering your product questions to help you get the most out of Nexo. This month we’ve got a question from Reddit.

What’s the difference between Trigger Swaps and Dual Investment?

Answer: Trigger Swaps and Dual Investment both let you exchange assets like BTC for USDT, but they work differently. With Trigger Swaps, you choose the exact price to buy or sell. Dual Investment is more like making a timed deal, aiming for a price but ending after a certain period, even if that price isn't reached. It's a way to try and earn more interest within a set time.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming “What's New” monthly updates, where we'll keep you informed about the latest product developments at Nexo.

*The Nexo Card is available only to EEA residents.

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