What’s New: Futures Trading, Dual Investment & More

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New Features

November brought a wave of fresh features and products. We’ve introduced brand new ways to trade, earn, and more. Dive into our handpicked recap, made just for you.

The Brief

A New Way to Trade

The long-awaited launch of Futures Trading is now available at your fingerprints on the Nexo app. Still think that buying аnd holding is the only way to go? Think again. With up to 50x leverage, you can not only ride the highs but also master the lows. With many users already trading, it’s now time for you to join the action.

Want to Know More?

Dive into a bite-sized course to learn how Perpetual Futures can be compared to a game of tug of war.

Start Learning

How to Get Started with Futures

  1. Tap the Exchange button on your dashboard and select Futures.
  2. Select an asset from the list with perpetual contracts.
  3. Pick a direction – long or short – and adjust your leverage.
  4. Choose how much USDT you want to allocate to the position.
  5. Preview the position and confirm it.

Now, let’s explore the rest of the exciting updates we’ve curated for you.

A New Way to Earn

Discover the power of smart investing with our latest product release. With Dual Investment, you can earn high interest, while buying low and selling high. The standout feature here is the ability to preview the potential returns of your automated strategies before you subscribe.

Looking for a Simplified Course on Dual Investment?

Dual Investment is similar to running your own fruit stand. How similar? Find out in the bite-sized course at Crypto Bits.

Learn More

Try it Yourself
You can access Dual Investment from the Savings Hub of your Nexo app. After choosing an asset:

  1. Pick Buy Low or Sell High and select one of the subscriptions.
  2. Choose the amount you want to subscribe with and view the potential returns.
  3. Tap the Subscribe button.

Track Your Performance

It’s never been easier to analyze and compare your finances. The highly requested portfolio balance graph has made its debut on the Nexo app. Track your PnL over various timeframes and view portfolio movements in your chosen Display Currency.

Easier Transaction Management

Managing your finances just got simpler with Nexo. You can now export a file of your complete transaction history. And for those who find tax management challenging, we’ve got you covered. Simply tap “Generate Tax Report” and let our partner Koinly do the rest for you.

How to Generate a Report on the Nexo App?

  1. Open the Wallet tab and select the icon at the top right corner.
  2. Tap Generate Tax Report from the options menu.
  3. Select Join Koinly.

Flexible Way to Send Crypto

Experience a new level of convenience in crypto transactions with our latest upgrade. You can now cover the withdrawal fees via the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks with your Savings Wallet balance. The new feature can help you send exact amounts, as the fee will no longer be deducted from the amount you’re transferring.

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