Welcome All-Swap to Nexo: 139 New Exchange Pairs & More Coming Your Way

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New Features

At Nexo, we live and breathe crypto. Improving the Nexo Exchange for you is something our Product team thinks about 24/7, so they turned their efforts towards adding rare cryptocurrency pairs you’d struggle to find elsewhere. Enter All-Swap with 139 New Exchange Pairs!

All-Swap is an innovative addition to the Nexo Exchange, giving you access to dozens of exotic cryptocurrency pairs. To mark the launch of the feature, we’ve added 139 new market pairs.

Here’s an example of All-Swap in action – imagine swapping ADA for DOT, XLM for ADA, or even DOT for BNB within a single, instant transaction? You can now do that on Nexo.

What Makes All-Swap Unique:

  • 139 Exclusive Market Pairs – Enjoy exotic pairs available only on the Nexo Exchange.
  • 0.5% Back – Earn free crypto rewards on every transaction.
  • Smart Routing System – Get competitive rates on leading and rare digital asset pairs.
  • Instant Swaps with Fixed Price – Take advantage of on-the-spot exchange execution.

Head over to the Nexo Exchange page to see the full All-Swap list!

All-Swap: We Build on All That’s Good

All-Swap is an upgrade designed to give you the most swapping opportunities and power along with the features that make the Nexo Exchange so efficient. Our Smart Routing System is integrated into All-Swap, meaning that Nexo connects with the top 10 exchanges simultaneously and brings you the lowest market rates available for the underlying cryptocurrencies in your pairs.

We know the most active swappers among you will undoubtedly enjoy these new market opportunities and we’re proud to be enabling seamless conversions between the cryptos in your portfolio. We’re optimistic that Nexo’s Exchange will hardly leave you wanting.

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