The Year in the Rearview, the Year Ahead

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The past year has been a phenomenal one for Nexo and for our quickly growing community of happy customers, investors, and partners. It is our firm belief that 2019 will be even better, and the entire Nexo Team is invigorated by the success and inspired to surpass all your expectations going forward.

2018 in the Rearview

Despite a ravaging bear market, Nexo has been able to deliver substantial accomplishments:

Funding Secured

On April 1, 2018, Nexo concluded an 11x oversubscribed Private Sale, which resulted in an initial funding boost of $52.5 million for Nexo’s instant crypto credits.

The World’s Largest Dividend Paying Token by Market Cap

Nexo issued and distributed the world’s first complaint, dividend-paying asset-backed token with utility features. We take pride in the fact that the NEXO Token has been the largest in its asset class by market cap ever since.

The World’s Most Advanced Crypto Lending Platform

Less than a month later, on April 30, 2018, Nexo launched the world’s first instant crypto credits platform, allowing tens of thousands of people across the globe access to cash and HODLing at the same time. From day one, our service has been fully automated.

Further enhancements of the platform saw the minimum loan amount being lowered to $1,000 (with a $100 minimum to follow soon); while we managed to raise the maximum loan amount to up to $2 million per individual client.

A Truly Borderless Enterprise

One of the milestones, which we are especially proud of is the fact that Nexo is the crypto lender with the widest reach, servicing crypto credits in more than 45 fiat currencies and across 200+ jurisdictions. Through our extensive network of banking relationships, we are the only blockchain business that can offer even the Nepalese Rupee, the Thai Baht, and the Korean Won, to name just a few.

To provide our instant crypto credits in the most efficient manner possible, we have localized our product in Chinese, Korean, German, and Russian, while Spanish, French, Turkish, Japanese and many others will follow soon.

An Ever-Growing Community

Following a survey through the community, Nexo became the world’s first lender to onboard XRP as a collateral option, which resulted in an enthusiastic XRP community.

Along with NEXO, Binance’s coin BNB is one of the few safe havens in the crypto space, so we integrated it on the platform, a move that was appreciated by CZ. We will, of course, continue to onboard those crypto assets as collateral options that are most important to the blockchain community.

Profitability in Just Six Months

Nexo’s model has been profitable from its very onset, setting us apart even from such FinTech giants like Revolut, TransferWise, Monzo, Robinhood, etc. that have seen multi-billion dollar valuations prior to reaching profitability.

The First NEXO Dividend Distribution

To finish off the year accordingly, on December 15, 2018 Nexo paid out close to $1M (30% of its profits) to the NEXO Token Holders. With an annualized yield of 4.80%, the First NEXO Dividend beats all dividend-bearing stocks in Warren Buffet’s portfolio: Apple 1.4%, JPMorgan 3%, Wells Fargo 3.3%, Goldman Sachs 1.6%, and even Coca-Cola with 3.1%.

NEXO Outperforming the Crypto Market

This comes on top of the fact that the NEXO Token has outperformed all major crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, and XRP since May 2018, showing remarkable resilience in the ongoing bear market.

Please also check out the Interim Report for an in-depth analysis of the market dynamics and the outstanding performance of the NEXO Token when compared to its peers in the blockchain space but also of Nexo as a company when compared to other FinTechs.

The Year Ahead

All of the above combined with our strategic vision for the Nexo enterprise makes us beyond optimistic for 2019!

Building a Global Company to Solve Real Problems

The Nexo Team is hard at work to deliver the following:

  • Bringing the minimum loan amount down to $100
  • Launching the comprehensive Nexo affiliate program
  • Expanding the list of collateral options by constantly adding new assets to borrow against.
  • Starting to issue the Nexo Card which will redefine the very essence of the word “instant”
  • Launching the Nexo Mobile App on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Retain the highest standards in terms of compliance with global and local regulatory frameworks
  • Developing commercial banking capabilities so that we are able to tap into the fiat deposit-taking and payments system
  • Launching several features that we will keep in stealth mode, as to preserve our competitive advantages

These are but a few examples of imminent milestones that will make the already seamless experience with Nexo an even better and all-encompassing one.

The All-In-One Crypto Banking Solution

Our goal, of course, remains nothing short of preserving Nexo’s dominance of the crypto lending space and we truly believe that our underlying philosophy and approach will take the enterprise well beyond the lending domain in a soon-to-be tokenized world. Nexo will deliver the ultimate all-in-one crypto banking solution for the blockchain space. And we are glad to have you on board for this amazing journey!

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