The Nexo Loyalty Program Is Now Live

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The loyalty rates provided in this article might be outdated. Please refer to our Earn page for the most up-to-date rates.

Our new Loyalty program is now live, bringing you premium rates on both your crypto savings and your credit line. Rewarding loyal clients is a longstanding practice at Nexo and we are proud to present you with our latest step in this direction. As part of our tokenomics overhaul Nexonomics, this upgrade to our offering fundamentally changes both Nexo’s Earn suite bonuses and our credit line discounts, unifying them into an efficient, flexible, inclusive and user-friendly experience that gives NEXO Token holders even more benefits.

Nexo is a company that embraces smart change. We aim to offer our clients products that we can continually enhance and that can withstand the dynamics of the crypto space and the “interesting times” that we live in, all the while delivering the best experience. This is exactly what we have done with the Nexo Loyalty program which, in addition to opening up benefits to more clients, also lays the groundwork for the Nexo Team to build upon, adding more perks to our platform through an organized system that can support long-term progress.

Over the last months, through our Nexonomics initiative, we have unveiled upgrades to our services and tokenomics model that work to continuously improve the value and utility of the NEXO Token — a fundamental part of the Loyalty program. Thanks to this series of upgrades, our clients and investors stand to benefit twofold from the new rewards system – first via their NEXO Token investment and secondly through the perks of their Loyalty tier.

As more and more people begin reaping the benefits of our Loyalty program, the scene is set for big gains for Nexo's clients, team, and business alike.

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