🎙Episode #5: The Social Impact of CBDCs

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It’s Tuesday which means it’s podcast time.

The Social Block – Nexo’s pod that explores the intersection of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and society – is back with Episode #5: The Social Impact of CBDCs featuring Conor Brady, Founder of Ethereum Brazil and DigiFi.

💡Remember, episodes come out every second Tuesday!

Episode #5: The Social Impact of CBDCs

Conor and Magy talked extensively about CBDCs with a focus on the digital real in Brazil. The project for this CBDC is already being piloted and its potential for adoption and use once it goes live is quite high. Learn more about the digital real and how CBDCs can affect a country, its citizens and the world beyond in this episode. Highlights include:

🤝How the digital real can improve access to banking for small businesses & individuals in Brazil.

🔗The link between the Brazilian digital real and its PIX payment system.

💸The potential and motivation for de-dollarization via the digital real.

🇧🇷Why Brazil is a great place for banking according to Conor.

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The Social Block’s host is our very own Magdalena "Magy" Hristova – one of Nexo’s PR Managers and a passionate advocate for the blockchain and crypto industry. Magy’s been in the crypto space since 2019, mixing her curiosity for anything “techy” and her vision for a future where blockchain is seamlessly integrated into our lives with a splash of color from her background in theater.

Join us on this unforgettable journey as we navigate the promise and potential of blockchain and crypto, and how they can create a more equitable, empowered society.

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