Send USDT, BTC & More to Friends via Email or Phone

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New Features

Whether it’s for everyday needs, making someone’s day special, or global connections, sending crypto is now as easy as entering an email or phone number.

Why Use Email or Phone for Crypto Transfers

  1. Instant and Free
    Send crypto instantly and at no cost – just have your recipient claim it for immediate access to the funds.
  2. Simple Transfers
    You can send crypto to existing users and friends who are yet to create a Nexo account by simply entering an email or phone – no need for crypto addresses.
  3. Access to the Full Nexo Suite
    The recipient can automatically start earning interest, borrowing, and more without switching between wallets or accounts.

This feature is seamlessly integrated into the Nexo app, ensuring you're never more than a few taps away from sending crypto to friends.

Exploring BTC Transfers on Nexo

As an example, sending Bitcoin abroad is not only easy and free, but also beneficial for the recipient. On Nexo, earning rates on BTC can go as high as 7% per year.

Borrowing funds against crypto like BTC is also possible with rates from 0% per year. Those are just some of the ways clients around the globe can benefit from the Nexo product suite.

Getting Started

To get started, update your Nexo app and follow the simple steps below.

  1. Open the Wallet tab from the app dashboard.
  2. Choose the asset you want to send.
  3. Tap Withdraw and select Transfer via Email or Phone
  4. Enter the recipient's email or phone number, and specify the amount you want to transfer.

The recipient needs to create a Nexo account with the same email or phone number the sender has used to initiate the transfer. Recipients with Nexo accounts have 14 days to claim or reject the funds before they are returned to the Savings Wallet of the sender. If there is no associated account with the email or phone, the recipient needs to create a Nexo account and verify their identity to claim their funds.

Creating a Nexo account is unavailable to clients residing in jurisdictions where we do not operate and residents of the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Some digital assets are unavailable in certain jurisdictions. To that end, if a client is sent an asset that is not supported in their country of residence, they will only have the option to reject the transfer.

The recipient will instantly receive the funds in their Nexo account, ready to use them as they see fit. As a reminder, all internal transfers between Nexo addresses are free and instant. By expanding the feature with email and phone, you now have even more options to make seamless transfers.

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