People Fundamentals #3: George Manolov – On Bitcoin & Biz Dev

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Аs far as People Fundamentals interviews go, this one is for anyone who has ever stumbled upon something and just known it’s for them. That’s what happened to our prime Business Developer George Manolov both when he first discovered Bitcoin and then Nexo. Check out how he made his deep dive into crypto and what his pro tips are on staying successful and, well, sane in the space.

George Manolov – On Bitcoin & Biz Dev

Who are you? Describe yourself in a few words

I’m George Manolov, Business Development Executive at Nexo. I lead relationships with many of Nexo’s strategic vendors including its banking partners, Nexo Card partners, custodians, exchanges, as well as Earn API partners and others.

How would you describe your digital personality #Meta-Identity? (Ex. Internet Aficionado, Social Recluse, Digital Doggo Freak)?

I still try to maximize time in the real world. Don’t think I’m ready for the metaverse yet :/

You have all the resources you need. What would you create?

A 500-person self-sufficient village by a river, next to the mountains, and not far from the seaside. I find our modern lives to be quite detached from our roots. I would love to get closer to nature, to eat real non-processed, locally produced food, to spend more time with a community whose members grow, learn from each other, have fun, and support one another.

"A 500-person self-sufficient village by a river, next to the mountains, and not far from the seaside." AI art generated with Midjourney by Milko Marinov, Instagram: @eye.vs.eye.

How did you get into crypto? What’s your Nexo story?

A friend of mine delivered a passionate lecture about Ethereum. His enthusiasm was so contagious I bought some ETH. Then I read about Bitcoin and dug down the rabbit hole. Once I realized the innovations happening in crypto were going to change the financial and payments infrastructure forever (which in turn will affect almost all facets of society), I had no choice, I had to work in the space.

I came across Nexo online, I tested the product and instantly realized its market potential. Then, I found the founders’ emails and sent them all a resume and a video pitch as to how I can contribute to the business. The rest is history.

What is your biggest challenge?

Identifying my needs and fulfilling them.

What is your biggest failure?

Prefer not to say. :D

How many hours do you sleep?

Most of the time? As many as I need.

What’s in your crypto survival kit?

  • Low-time preference
  • Thinking from first principles
  • Focusing on the fundamentals

What coin(s) are you most curious about?


Who’s on your must-follow list on Twitter?

  • @naval – Timeless wisdom on wealth and happiness.
  • @allenf32 – Quality insights into Bitcoin, capital formation combined with satirical takes on the degenerate fiat system.
  • @cwt_news – Daily wake-up calls on how weak men are setting up the world for hard times.
  • @saifdean – Thought-provoking; sometimes extreme, but still very worthwhile.
  • @BitcoinErrorLog – A contrarian Bitcoiner offering critical views of Bitcoin and Lightning in a constructive fashion.
  • @TuckerMax – Advice on how to get ready for the hard times.

Who are you outside of work?

A curious inhabitant of planet Earth. I love nature, sports, quality conversations, real food, thought-provoking books, and visionary builders and investors.

Outside of work, George describes himself simply as a curious inhabitant of the planet. AI art generated with Midjourney by Milko Marinov, Instagram: @eye.vs.eye.

To me crypto/blockchain is…a learner's paradise.

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