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Nexo Financial LLC


Dear Sir/Madam,

Please take into consideration that one of the reasons why the Nexo Group and all legal entities belonging thereto, including Nexo Financial LLC (“Nexo”) have sustained an impeccable reputation since 2017 is that for us as a business, our compliance with applicable laws and regulations and clients’ interests always come first. We are actively showing this through our constant, open and transparent communication with our clients, the regulators and the blockchain community as a whole.

You are currently engaged in malicious spreading of inaccurate, fake and unfounded information, and referring to and citing such spread by other persons, including anonymous accounts, with the sole intention to disparage, defame and discredit Nexo. The above has been undoubtedly causing damages to our reputation, entitling us to seek full indemnity therefor.

As you are very well aware, it is unlawful for an individual to make or refer to deliberate statements that intend to harm the reputation of a business or a person without any factual evidence.

We, therefore, demand that you immediately, delete all your comments, statements, reviews, publications, whatsoever, in the social media websites and any other public media or communication channel, disparaging, defaming, or discrediting Nexo’s reputation, goodwill and commercial interests, and cease and desist orally or in writing, through any form of communication, including but not limited to the social media websites and any other public media or communication channel, disparage, defame, or discredit Nexo, its management, employees, products or services, and shall not engage in any conduct which would have the effect of disparagement, defamation, or discredit as to Nexo’s reputation, goodwill and commercial interests.

Please be informed that we always protect our rights and interests by all available legal means and our legal counsels in the US and UK are currently preparing an action to be immediately brought in court for all acts of disparagement, defamation, slander, and libel, as well as for full indemnity for the damages suffered by us as a result of such actions and all other available legal remedies in this regard. In such a case, the defendants will also be liable to cover all costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by us in the court proceedings until the full satisfaction of our claims.

Please consider that filing a defamation claim will, among other things, result in uncovering the identity of all anonymous defamers, obtaining equitable relief, including but not limited to the removal of the relevant content, and obtaining damages for the harm caused to our reputation. The courts have already rendered judgments in this sense in a significant number of similar cases (Justin Bieber & Fictitious Defamers, Avi Yemini vs PRGuy17 and many others), thus establishing constant case-law serving as a basis for lawsuits like the present one to be filed by Nexo.

Your failure to comply immediately with the above will undoubtedly result in you being joined as a defendant in the defamation lawsuit with all negative consequences of this as described hereinabove.

We hope that the dispute will be settled amicably.

Yours sincerely,

Nexo Legal & Regulatory Compliance Team

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