NEXO Is Now Trading on Bitfinex, Enhancing Our Native Token’s Liquidity and Accessibility

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As of today, July 7, the NEXO Token is available for trading on Bitfinex – one of the world’s ten largest crypto exchanges in terms of liquidity and trading volume. On July 5, the NEXO Token became available for users to add to their Bitfinex accounts and now they can freely buy NEXO with:

  • US Dollars (NEXO/USD)
  • Tether (NEXO/USDT)
  • Bitcoin (NEXO/BTC)

We expect this listing to give more users access to our native token, contributing to its increased liquidity. This new development has the potential to augment the NEXO Token’s usage and consequently boost its price in the longer term, while also creating yet another direct USD-NEXO on-ramp.

One of the Nexo community’s repeated requests has been that we list our native asset on more and bigger exchanges. Our team wasted no time in addressing these requests and a short month after our first NEXO Governance Vote, we are glad to have executed the first of many exchange integrations for our token. We are very excited about our listing on Bitfinex, which was among the first cryptocurrency exchanges in 2012 and has always been at the leading edge of technological innovation in digital asset trading.

Being able to list NEXO on more and more major exchanges is a direct result of the first NEXO Governance Vote which took place this June. The Daily Interest on NEXO Tokens proposal carries with it the potential for further regulatory clarity around the status of the NEXO Token in the US, which in turn ought to give us more freedom to list our token on bigger exchanges in the future, gradually making it easier for our US clients to purchase NEXO.

We are certain that partnerships like this one will continue to have a positive effect on our native asset in the months to come.

Wishing you happy trading!

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