Nexo Dividend Distribution Scheduled for August 15, 2020

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It is our great pleasure to announce that the third Nexo dividend will be paid out to NEXO Token Holders on August 15, 2020.

“Our operations have remained as strong as ever, with profits marking constant growth despite the temporary pandemic-induced downturn,” said Antoni Trenchev, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Nexo.

“The steady stream of asset integrations and launches, including our Earn on Crypto product suite only last week, underscores our confidence in the sustainability of Nexo’s business model. Distributing our third dividend is the icing on the cake after both an exciting and turbulent few months, and reflects our commitment to rewarding NEXO Token Holders, our greatest supporters, for their trust and ownership.”

Nexo periodically and proportionately distributes 30% of its profits to NEXO Token Holders, with the previous dividend payout — of US$2,409,575 — distributed on August 15, 2019. A first, interim dividend of US$912,071 was paid out on December 15, 2018.

The upcoming dividend amount is scheduled to be communicated on the August 5, 2020 ex-date, reflecting Nexo’s growing profitability.

Important Information

To receive dividends, NEXO Token Holders must stake their tokens on the Nexo platform by the ex-dividend date — August 5, 2020.

Nexo’s Dividend Distribution policy applies to the upcoming payout, splitting it into Base and Loyalty Dividend Payments.

  • Base Dividend — paid out to all eligible token holders proportionally to their NEXO Token holdings.
  • Loyalty Dividend — paid out individually for each NEXO Token based on how long it has been in your Nexo account from one ex-dividend date to the next. The share of the Loyalty Dividend will be no less than 1/3 of the total dividend amount.

NEXO Token Bonuses

NEXO Tokens bring considerable bonuses to holders:

We are thrilled to share our success with you once again and thank you for joining us as we drive the future of digital finance.

Follow Nexo here and on Twitter to learn more as the ex-dividend date draws closer.

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