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This one has been a long time .coming.

It’s official – we have outgrown our .io domain and moved to Nexo now has the most trusted and memorable domain extension to match the confidence and credibility offered by our products.

In order to acquire, we persevered for a few years with the conviction that being an industry leader, and similar to the biggest companies in the world, warranted a prestigious four-letter .com domain – the equivalent of a Bored Ape, one might say.

What changes for you and when?

TL;DR A few web and email addresses are changing:

In the coming weeks, all our email addresses will also migrate to This means that you will gradually start receiving all official Nexo communication via email addresses. We will further notify you about the changes as we start rolling them out. Example: You now receive email communication from Nexo via [email protected] and [email protected]. In the coming weeks, these will move to [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.

Please note that you may receive communication from both and senders during the transition period. Be vigilant against impostors who pose as Nexo and/or company representatives.

Support and similar inquiries

You will still be able to send your inquires using our old email domain [email protected] after the migration. Your request will be forwarded accordingly.

However, to ensure that all communication from our Support Team lands in your primary inbox, we recommend that you add [email protected] to your email contact list in advance. This is a quick, one-time task that ensures you get timely communication from our team.

What should you expect?

All things nice. We’ve moved house to a bigger and brighter place. The right place for you and your crypto.

On the one hand, there are no changes to the uncompromising principles we uphold in the way we manage your assets. On the other, will set in motion a new era for growing your wealth and keeping it secure with Nexo. The .com acquisition serves as a further indication to our customers that we are committed to the long haul.

Our technical teams have laid all the necessary groundwork to ensure a smooth and successful migration – one that you shall barely notice.

The Nexo Team

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