Nexo Brainer #5: Life-Changing Nexo Stories

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Episode #5 is here – get inspired with our clients’ beautiful stories.

In This Episode

  • Get the Education You Need: How one of our clients funded his studies through Nexo.
  • Keep Your Business Afloat During the Pandemic: The happy couple who managed to keep their business alive thanks to Nexo’s Earn on Crypto product.
  • Using Your Crypto to Buy More Crypto: How a true crypto enthusiast tripled his BTC in no time with Nexo.

Getting the Education You Need

Our first story is about Ben who wanted to go to college but he needed money to pay for his tuition. Unfortunately, Ben didn't have enough cash to cover the fees. Instead, he had Bitcoin but couldn’t use it unless he sold it. However, Ben didn't want to sell his crypto just yet. Luckily, he heard about Nexo's Instant Crypto Credit Lines™, decided to open a Nexo account and use his BTC as collateral. By choosing not to sell his BTC and borrowing against it instead, Ben got the funds he needed for his tuition AND kept his crypto too – it's a win-win!

Keeping Your Business Afloat During the Pandemic

Dave and his wife who are originally from Australia moved to France in 2020 and bought a business. Unfortunately, just after that, Covid hit. Their business wasn’t going as expected and they were really struggling to make ends meet. Although they had some saved funds, they weren’t generating any income at all so they started looking for alternative ways to grow their assets. They found out about Nexo’s Earn on Crypto <sup>1</sup> product and decided to test it. Not long after, the couple moved all their savings to Nexo which helped them get through this difficult time as well as keep their business.

Using Your Crypto to Buy MORE Crypto

Mike is a crypto enthusiast who’s been into crypto since 2017. He’s a long-term believer that Bitcoin is going to be a major part of our lives and has been accumulating it for a while. In 2020, Mike felt that something was brewing in the crypto space, especially when Michael Saylor announced the purchase of BTC for his company. This is when he realized that the price of BTC was not going to stay the same for long and that he should acquire as much BTC as he could before the price rises. He found out about Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ and placed all of his BTC into Nexo, borrowed against it, bought the Bitcoin he wanted and in about half a year managed to triple the amount of his crypto.

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1 Currently excluded from Nexo’s Earn product per the Nexo Earn Interest Product General Terms and Conditions, as amended on occasion are citizens or residents of Bulgaria, Estonia, the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, as well as of other jurisdictions subject to certain limitations or restrictions as may be applicable at times.

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