Nexo Brainer #3: The Referral Program & App 2.0

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Nexo Brainer Episode #3 is here with more exciting updates and strategies to share!

What We Cover in This Episode

  • Details about our recently released Referral program
  • The perks of our brand new mobile app – the revamped Nexo App 2.0.

The Referral Program

The long-awaited and much-requested Referral program is live – you can now earn rewards with all your friends, regardless of whether they’re already into crypto or just making their first steps in the world of digital assets. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • You can invite up to 100 people. Every time someone you invited joins Nexo, you both get $10 in BTC.
  • Your referrals must pass Identity Verification and top up the equivalent of $100 or more of any asset supported on our platform.
  • After they’ve done so, you’ll both get your rewards directly in your Nexo accounts within 30 days.

After your friends add funds to their account, they will instantly start earning up to 12% interest<sup>1</sup> on these funds. Plus, they can borrow against them using our Instant Crypto Credit Lines™. Their $10 reward won’t be affected when they use our credit lines of the Nexo Exchange.

Lastly, you can now invite your friends while you’re on the go via the Nexo Mobile App and keep track of who has accepted your invites.

The Nexo App Revamped

Just like all of our products, our mobile app is constantly being upgraded. Our freshly revamped Nexo app features key functionality and design updates, most of which were requested by you, our loyal clients. Without further ado, here’s what’s new:

  • The Nexo Exchange now has three clear tabs where you can buy, sell and swap your crypto, and you’re now able to view the rates for both sides of each trading pair.
  • The new Showcase Mode lets you hide all your balances and manage your finances securely on the go.
  • We’ve also introduced Hide Zero Balances which lets you filter the assets in your portfolio by hiding all zero balances.

Besides the main new features we’ve added to the Nexo app, we’ve also made a few smaller improvements that will make your experience even smoother. You can check them out in our App Reskin blog post.

If you’re new to Nexo Brainer, or you missed the previous two episodes, you can catch up here. Also, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to know when a new installment of Nexo Brainer comes out.

The Nexo Brainer, hosted by our Business Developer George Manolov, is designed to keep you up to date on the latest Nexo features. In each episode, our expert team shares strategies on how to use our products to your best advantage.

1 Currently excluded from Nexo’s Earn product per the Nexo Earn Interest Product General Terms and Conditions, as amended on occasion are citizens or residents of Bulgaria, Estonia, the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, as well as of other jurisdictions subject to certain limitations or restrictions as may be applicable at times.

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