Nexo at DAS: London 2020 — Fireblocks Deal Signing and Tokenization Panel Highlights

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On February 10, 2020, members of the Nexo Team attended The Digital Asset Summit (DAS) London 2020, а leading event series dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional financial services and the rapidly growing digital asset markets.

Nexo’s all-around success at the conference was marked by a contribution to DAS: London 2020’s panel discussion on tokenization, and by our new agreement with Fireblocks.

Nexo and Fireblocks Team Up for Trustless Block Trade Settlements

Nexo joined forces with Fireblocks, to further the business opportunities we provide for both our institutional and retail clients.

Here is how the Nexo platform will improve even further with Fireblocks:

  • Nexo’s institutional product suite evolved substantially over the past year which necessitated working with a specialized platform like Fireblocks.
  • Fireblocks will allow Nexo to efficiently execute trustless block trade settlements on large backed transactions and make use of excellent custodial services.
  • With Fireblocks’s security platform for transferring and storing digital assets, we will now be able to further increase the execution speed of our institutional service.
  • Nexo users will be able to move assets around exchanges, OTC desks, and counterparties, all from a single UI dashboard.

By adding Fireblocks to our list of trusted custodians, we hope to improve our security and efficacy. Using multiple custodians ensures our platform is equipped to sustain a larger range of services.

Joining forces with Fireblocks is one of Nexo’s many steps towards an enhanced service for the upcoming inclusive and efficient tokenized world.

Nexo at the DAS: London 2020 Panel

During a panel on “Tokenization — Moving Real-World Assets onto the Blockchain”, Nexo co-founder Antoni Trenchev shared his insights on the current state of the blockchain space and the rapidly tokenizing world.

Watch Antoni at DAS: London 2020

Check out the key points from the panel:

  • Tokenization is this generation’s chance to fix the global financial system by democratizing access to certain asset categories that would otherwise be inaccessible to the vast majority of investors.
  • Another result of tokenization is the option for fractionalized ownership which means Western-like wealth creation and participation will be available even in the remotest corners of the world.
  • Digitizing real-world assets and bringing them on-chain unlocks the value of previously idle assets, paving the way for additional liquidity.
  • The liberation of capital brought on by tokenization will bring unprecedented prosperity on a truly global scale.
  • The tokenization of the world will bring Nexo’s total addressable market into the trillions.

With global tokenization well underway and Nexo already creating the ultimate financial services for the future, we are convinced prosperous times are ahead.

Enjoy the headway we have made and be ready for more groundbreaking news about the Nexo platform in the weeks to come.

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