More Cash for Your Crypto: Nexo Increases Crypto LTV Ratios

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New Year, New Nexonomics.

We recently wrapped up Nexonomics 1.0, celebrating a whopping eight milestones and five records that made it a resounding success. Never ones to rest on our laurels, however, we keep pushing for constant expansions, upgrades, and improvements to our services.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the first installment of Nexonomics 2.0: we are raising the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios for the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™. As of today, 10 cryptocurrencies available as collateral on the Nexo platform are getting an LTV bump.

  • We’re raising the LTV for the NEXO Token by 70% to 25%
  • The ratios for Bitcoin and Ethereum are going up to 60%
  • All remaining assets get a bump of as much as 65% to 35%

Whether you’re a seasoned or prospective crypto credit line user, these bigger, better LTV ratios give you more fiat against the digital assets you place as collateral for your credit line, and grant you greater security should markets go volatile.

More bang for your NEXO Tokens

The 70% increase in our native token’s LTV makes it more cost-effective to borrow against it and use the credit line for a range of investment purposes, including the acquisition of more NEXO Tokens. This enhancement directly boosts the liquidity and utility of the NEXO Token – two major goals of Nexonomics, which sets out to build a clearly defined NEXO Token program, giving the Nexo community greater value.

What does a higher LTV mean for your credit line?

First and foremost, the higher LTV ratios give existing credit line clients more available credit, thus enabling them to withdraw more cash against the same amount of crypto.

For prospective credit line users, the upgraded LTV ratios translate into an opportunity to transfer less collateral in order to take out their desired credit amount.

In a nutshell: same crypto, more credit.

What will happen to your collateral?

If you have an open Instant Crypto Credit Line™ part of your collateral will be released but will remain in your Credit Line Wallet. You may choose to keep your newly non-collateralized assets in this wallet either to withdraw more cash from your credit line or as a safety net against market volatility and liquidations.

You can also move these assets to your Savings Wallet to start earning up to 12% interest with Nexo’s high-yield Earn suite.

Here is an extensive list of the new LTV ratios:

Updated LTV Ratios

We are glad to mark the start of another round of tokenomic upgrades with Nexonomics 2.0. Stay tuned for more announcements that will benefit you as an investor and supporter of Nexo’s sustainable business model.

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