In the Media: Nexo’s News Recap

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As crypto gets bigger, news about our industry and about Nexo has increased exponentially. We know you enjoy being in the loop when it comes to stories about Nexo, so we’re launching our new media recaps.

Watch the latest interviews with our Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev and get the full scoop on what the Nexo team got up to in the media over the last two weeks:

Antoni on Bloomberg

Matt Miller and Amber Lang spoke to Antoni late last week about Bitcoin price predictions for 2021, El Salvador’s acceptance of the currency as legal tender, and Nexo’s relationship to the DeFi space. Check out the recorded interview, or read an extended summary below:

  • Bitcoin has taken a bit of a beating due to leverage exiting the system, but with some luck the bottom of the dip should be around $30K.
  • Catalysts for Bitcoin to reach $100K include institutional adoption, El Salvador’s example of accepting BTC as legal tender, and the build-up of new leverage in the system.
  • Nexo is a key player in the future uptick of crypto prices seeing as crypto lenders are at the forefront of enabling leverage opportunities in the space.
  • While it makes sense for El Salvador to accept BTC as legal tender due to its economy, it will take time for other nations to follow suit.
  • The next adopters are likely to be other Latin American countries. The US is among the countries that are highly unlikely to accept crypto as legal tender.
  • Nexo recently took inspiration from DeFi by implementing a governance feature to its native NEXO Token.
  • There will always be a place for CeFi institutions like Nexo among the successful DeFi projects because crypto depends on fiat entering the system from the traditional sector. Centralized companies are the ones servicing these on- and off-ramps.

In the News

  • Proof of Reserves: News of Nexo’s attestation by leading accounting firm Armanino.
  • China FUDs Again: Our take on China’s latest crypto regulation news.
  • Crypto Recruitment: Antoni’s two cents on hiring in the crypto space in the current environment.
  • Nexo in Miami: Our Co-founder and Managing Partner Kalin Metodiev in an exclusive interview for Cointelegraph at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami.
  • NFTs: Nexo’s Teodora Atanasova talks about why physical NFT galleries matter.

We trust you’ve enjoyed catching up on the latest stories in crypto with Nexo and we look forward to our next news summary.

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