In the Media: July 22, 2021

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The summer months are great for vacations but at Nexo, everything is still moving full speed ahead. Check out our latest news to get up to date on what’s brewing on our platform and in the blockchain space in today’s media recap.

This week our Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev was on Decrypt Daily, plus he also had time to share Nexo’s perspective on DEXs and the crypto market’s recent downturn in a few different articles over the last few days. You can listen to the full Decrypt interview here or read a summarized version of Nexo’s latest media stories below.

Antoni on Decrypt

Read the highlights from Antoni’s in-depth chat with Decrypt Daily’s Matthew Aaron, covering Dogecoin, other meme coins, and the state of the market:

  • Another three-year crypto winter is unlikely as fears of an outright ban on crypto are no longer prevalent, institutional adoption is well underway, and the Lindy effect indicates crypto is here to stay.
  • Most existing cryptocurrencies are unnecessary. Very few cryptos will survive in the long run so people must be cautious and resistant to irrational exuberance.
  • The meme coin communities’ expectation that the majority of people can make 10x or 100x profits every 3-4 months is very unrealistic.
  • Nobody knows for sure what the purpose of meme coins is, but many exist to enrich their founders quickly while the retail end up losing out, so investors must be cautious.
  • The vast majority of people in crypto today have never seen a real bear market, having been in their early teens during the 2018 recession.
  • Meme coins can have a positive effect on the community should they be used by wealthy individuals and institutions as a tool through which to provide people with better financial literacy.

In the News

  • In Cointelegraph: About DEXsWith more and more DEXs listing the NEXO Token, we discussed a few insights about the impact of this particular type of exchange with Cointelegraph.
  • In Finder: BTC & ETH Prices.
    Antoni shares his thoughts on what’s holding Bitcoin and Ethereum prices back in the last few weeks.

We trust you’ve enjoyed catching up on the latest stories in crypto with Nexo and we look forward to our next news summary.

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