How to Get the Industry-first MATIC-backed Crypto Card

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New Features

Getting instant liquidity on your MATIC without selling your holdings can be a tall order. Thankfully, the Nexo Card is here to save the day.

With our crypto Mastercard, you retain the ownership of your MATIC while acquiring newfound spending power in the form of cash or stablecoins. This makes it ideal for the hardcore HODLers of the Polygon network’s native token and those who believe in the project’s potential.

What Are the Perks?

  • Free Nexo Card with instant access to your MATIC-backed credit line
  • Borrowing rates start at just 0% APR
  • Up to 2% in instant crypto rewards on all purchases
  • No minimum monthly repayments; no monthly or inactivity fees
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay integration
  • Both physical and virtual cards are available
  • No FX fees for up to €20,000 per month

How to Order Your Nexo Card?

Find out how you can order your Nexo Card in seconds in this video:

How Does It Work?

  1. Make sure you hold MATIC in your Nexo account by buying or topping up.
  2. Order your Nexo Card from our mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
  3. To use MATIC as collateral, transfer some of it to your Credit Line Wallet.
  4. Make a purchase at any of the 92M+ merchants that accept Mastercard. 😎

Transfer MATIC with Near-Zero Fees on Nexo

To add MATIC to your Nexo account you have two options: to buy directly from the Nexo platform or to top up from an external wallet. Buying MATIC with your card takes seconds and you earn up to 0.5% in free crypto back.

  • Nexo’s Multichain Bridge

Last month, we made topping up MATIC into your Nexo account almost free. If you move MATIC from the Ethereum to the Polygon network or vice-versa, our Nexo Multichain Bridge executes the cross-chain transfer automatically, with minimum fees.

By transferring MATIC between these networks, you don’t need to go through third-party bridge solutions, thus you’re saving on time and fees.

  • Nexo’s MetaMask Integration

We’ve also recently integrated MetaMask within our web platform. This upgrade allows you to move MATIC from your MetaMask wallet to your Nexo account in just a few clicks and start earning interest on your otherwise idle assets.

More Benefits

A MATIC-backed Nexo Card is an option that you can’t find anywhere else, but it’s just one of Nexo’s many benefits.

  • Еarn¹: Get up to 16% APR on MATIC, paid out daily. The benefit is automatic which makes it a no-brainer, especially if you don’t intend to sell soon.
  • Exchange: Swap your MATIC on the Nexo Exchange instantly. The token is available in eight market pairs.
  • Borrow²: Borrow against your MATIC at rates as low as 0% APR. Get approval immediately and receive stablecoins or cash.

With the Polygon network’s recent developments, it’s understandable why one would want to HODL. The project is growing steadily and has been among the most active in the crypto space. At Nexo, we’ve been hard at work introducing new features and products for the entire Polygon community, seep an eye out for more updates across our channels.

¹The Nexo Earn Interest Product is not available for citizens or residents of certain jurisdictions, including where restrictions may apply, such as the USA, Bulgaria, and Estonia.

²Nexo's Instant Crypto Credit Lines are not available for citizens or residents of certain jurisdictions, such as the State of New York, Bulgaria, and Estonia.

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