Free, Instant Internal Transfers for All Cryptos Are Here

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New Features
  • Send any crypto instantly to anyone with a Nexo account.
  • Make unlimited free internal withdrawals, without any blockchain confirmations.

As our 2M-strong community continues to grow, we always strive to improve our services and make Nexo the ultimate place for you to buy, swap, sell and borrow against your assets. With this in mind, we created a brand new feature that allows you to make free and instant internal transfers to other Nexo users, for free.

Nexo Your Friends Some Crypto!

You now have the ability to send all cryptocurrencies* supported by Nexo instantly and free of charge to your friends, family or colleagues as long as they have a Nexo account. These transfers function just like regular crypto withdrawals, yet they don’t affect the number of free monthly crypto withdrawals you have left.

This new feature, available on both mobile and web, will reduce the hassle of sending digital assets through costly traditional finance solutions or waiting for blockchain confirmations.

How to Make Instant Transfers

Once you choose to withdraw assets to another crypto wallet by inputting the address or simply scanning a QR code, we will work to associate the destination address to a Nexo user account. Funds will then be swiftly transferred to the wallet with no blockchain interaction.

  1. Select the “Withdraw” option and the asset you’d like to transfer.
  2. Insert your contact’s Nexo address for the respective asset or just scan their QR code.
  3. Add the amount you’d like to send and confirm your transfer.

You’re all set! The balance in your Portfolio is updated instantly.

The Perks of Nexo’s Instant Crypto Transfers

Waiting for days to have your transfers processed through costly traditional finance solutions is old news. With our new feature:

  • Your balances will be updated instantly, as soon as your order is processed.
  • Transferring assets to Nexo users does not affect the number of free crypto withdrawals you’ve got based on your Loyalty tier.
  • There is no limit to how many transactions you can make – you and your Nexo friends can enjoy as many crypto transfers as you like without any blockchain interaction.

Note: When you insert the wallet address of another Nexo user, a message will be displayed confirming that this address belongs to them. If you don’t get this confirmation, you're likely transferring to an external wallet.

*You can transfer freely all cryptocurrencies that are available for withdrawal on the Nexo platform.

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