🎙Episode #6: Why Do Blockchain & AI Vibe So Well?

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Episode #6 is ready for you hot off the press studio mic. And if you think our little studio mic joke is clever, wait till you hear the episode because it’s about something quite a bit smarter: AI.

Check out the latest Social Block session below called Why Do Blockchain & AI Vibe So Well? featuring Toufi Saliba, CEO of Hypercycle – a cutting-edge blockchain architecture that aims to create a seamless, secure, and efficient environment for AI developers, researchers, and enthusiasts to collaborate and innovate.

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Episode #6: Why Do Blockchain & AI Vibe So Well?

Toufi joined Magy on the Social Block, lending his extensive experience in AI to explain where this industry is headed, and why the blockchain space appears both extensively interested in, and capable of boosting AI’s ascent. The episode explores:

🛠️Why AI is actually creating more jobs than it is taking away.

🌐Why a decentralized, peer-to-peer model like blockchain’s can skyrocket us from just AI to…

🧠AGI! (artificial general intelligence)

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