🎙️Episode #21: Post-halving Play-by-Play

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It’s been a month since the Bitcoin halving. The dust has settled, we’re past the supposed 2-week danger zone for BTC prices. All in all, it’s a good time to look back and see what happened in the ecosystem and where we’re headed from here. 

Have a listen to our post-halving episode where Magy was joined by none other than Allen Farrington, co-author of Bitcoin Is Venice. 

Episode #21: Post-halving Play-by-Play

The episode features stories from how the Nexo team spent the halving, a breakdown of events following it, and after the end of the episode, a short bonus discussion of how Allen came to publish Bitcoin Is Venice. What we covered:  

🤨 Was the halving priced in, what part ETFs played and why we shouldn’t fixate on the price. 

🎢 The rollercoaster ride in the first days after the halving: the launch of Runes, transaction fees ups and downs, and mainstream vs. crypto newsflows. 

⛄ Why the Bitcoin halving is like Soviet Christmas – bear with us on this one, t’was a fun analogy.

🐦 Why Twitter (X) is not real life, but Bitcoin will become the infrastructure for our lives.

🎉 How Allen, Magy and the Nexo team spent the 2024 Bitcoin halving. (Clues: 😴& 🚗)

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