🎙️Social Block Episode #18: The Halving & the Hype

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What’s up in the crypto space? The Bitcoin halving!

If you’re still a little frazzled by that fact, then it might help to sit back and listen to the Social Block episode dedicated to the halving. Magy celebrated the landmark event with a discussion on the Bitcoin halving as explained by Bitcoin advocate and independent journalist, Joe Nakamoto (no relation to Satoshi, unfortunately).

Episode #18: The Halving & the Hype

Joe and Magy talked about: 

🎓 Bitcoin halving 101: The basics about the halving, plus common misconceptions. 

📖 Tales of halvings past…and present. Joe and Magy shared their experiences of halving events.

⛏️ Bitcoin mining: How the halving will affect miners and the complexity of the mining sector. 

🎄 In a perhaps-not-so-dystopian future will the Bitcoin halving be celebrated like Christmas?

🌪️ Is the hype around each Bitcoin halving good or bad?

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