🎙️Episode #14: Women in Crypto 2.0

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It’s yet another Social Block episode, we unravel the layers behind the funding landscape for female-led blockchain projects, the strides we're making towards inclusivity, and why this will boost the industry overall.

The brilliant Gracy Chen, Managing Partner at Bitget, joins Magy in a second episode dedicated to women in crypto. Gracy is a household name in the blockchain space. She also dedicates her time to addressing diversity in the industry, specifically by spearheading the Blockchain4Her initiative to uplift female entrepreneurs. Join us for an episode full of what the latest reports show about women in blockchain and how we can improve the ecosystem for everyone.

Episode #14: Women in Crypto 2.0

What to expect in this episode? Well, there was a lot of ground to cover, but we started with:

🚨 The Problem: Gracy and Magy discuss potential reasons why, in 2023, only 6% of VC-funded blockchain startups were women-led via insights from recent reports.

👍 Solutions: How Gracy and the Bitget team are structuring solutions for the gender gap via the Blockchain4Her initiative.

🌱 And Tips: Success stories and examples from Gracy throughout her journey in the industry.

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Wishing you a happy and insightful journey into the world of tech and blockchain.

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