🎙️Episode #13: Consumers Rising

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🎙️Episode #13: Consumers Rising

The podcast is back 😎, kicking off the year with a fresh perspective. In this episode, we invite you to step into the shoes of the non-technical crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur.

Join us as we sit down with Azeem Khan, COO of Morph. Azeem has contributed to the blockchain community with his leadership at Gitcoin and as a consultant to UNICEF's Crypto Venture Fund; he is also involved with the World Economic Forum, alongside many other ventures. He is a beacon for those of us working in the blockchain space who do not have a tech background, but add great value in other ways. In Episode #13, Magy has a chat with Azeem, sharing their experiences as non-tech people in the industry.

Episode #13: Consumers Rising

In this exciting new episode, we explore the intersection of AI and user experience, blockchain education, making these complex topics accessible and engaging for everyone.

📱UX on the Rise: Exploring the shift from command-based to intent-based user interfaces, simplifying tech interactions and how they might affect blockchain.

🎓Education for Blockchain: The reason understanding the 'why' behind blockchain technology is as crucial as knowing 'how' to use it.

🗣 Non-Tech Talk: Addressing the need for soft skills and human connections in the blockchain space to drive wider adoption.

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The Social Block’s host is our very own Magdalena "Magy" Hristova – one of Nexo’s PR Managers and a passionate advocate for the blockchain and crypto industry. Magy’s been in the crypto space since 2019, mixing her curiosity for anything “techy” and her vision for a future where blockchain is seamlessly integrated into our lives with a splash of color from her background in theater.

Wishing you a happy and insightful journey into the world of tech and blockchain.

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