🎁 Episode #12: Blockchain & Crypto for Social Impact (Holiday Special)

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'Tis the season for giving, and what better way to celebrate than by exploring how our space can contribute to doing good throughout the festive season?

🌟Our special holiday episode with Niall Dennehy from AID:Tech – a company dedicated to delivering aid over blockchain technology – is set to warm your hearts with inspiring insights and transformative stories of how these tools are reshaping humanitarian aid, philanthropy, charity, volunteerism, and more.

Episode #12: Blockchain & Crypto for Social Impact

This special episode is a great reminder of the immense power we hold when we come together to support and uplift communities in need. Niall gave many examples of how the blockchain space can contribute to this endeavor, with highlights in the conversation such as:

🆔 DID Revolution: transforming disaster relief disbursements with decentralized digital identity.

🫶 Merging digital identity with payments.

🏅 Reputation through NFTs: rewarding real-world actions and building on-chain reputation.

📖 Niall shares how blockchain brings tangible change worldwide.

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