🎙Episode #11: The Subtle Art of DYOR

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HODL, ATH, FUD…crypto acronyms are just the best, which is why today’s Social Block is about what is arguably one of our most important blockchain acronyms: DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

Safety in the blockchain industry is a much-debated issue, and being responsible for your own analysis is vital for everyone from beginners to OGs. That’s why we invited Dyma Budorin, CEO and Co-founder of trusted blockchain security auditor, Hacken, to talk about security on-chain, what to look out for, where to look, and what tools and applications to use for the best results.

Episode #11: The Subtle Art of DYOR

Dyma and Magy covered quite a lot in this episode, starting from a rather more ideological conversation on the modern concept of trust – a.k.a trustlessness, and circling back to Dyma’s practical tips and tricks on researching your way through Web3 waters. Key topics included:

🔍 Not just why, but how to DYOR.

📊 Stats! Find out what percentage of projects have verified smart contracts and follow their initial whitepaper plans. The numbers are surprising and important to know.

⚖️ The blockchain dilemma on whether or not we want entities and institutions for protection against hackers and scammers over our desire for decentralized autonomy.

🏗️ The knowledge gap between Web3 developers and those who cannot read code as a key speedbump to DYOR.

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