🎙Episode #10: Web3: The Ultimate Kickstarter for Startups

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Remember that friend who keeps nagging you about building your startup idea in the Web3 space? Well, maybe they were right. This episode of the Social Block is all about how blockchain can be beneficial if you’re trying to launch a startup.

But who could possibly address such a broad topic? We found just the man for the job. This week, Magy sat down with Eric Winer from NEAR. Eric is the CTO of Pagoda – the NEAR ecosystem’s development arm, which is making startup-building in the blockchain space user-friendly, more interconnected, and, just, well, better.

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Episode #10: Web3: The Ultimate Kickstarter for Startups

As an expert in creating a platform that is meant to empower both Web3 native and non-native founders to create, stellar consumer applications, Eric had a lot to share with our listeners, including:

🫢Why the existence of blockchain alone isn't sufficient for creating great apps and what tools the space still needs to be more builder-friendly.

🤖 How automation, which is part of Web3’s very DNA, will catapult startups building in the space.

🧑‍💼The notable gap between mainstream founders and the decentralized community, and how we ought to bridge it.

🏛️The dominance of and potential issues with relying too much on a few Web2 tech giants.

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