Enter Our Referral Race with a $50,000 Prize Pool

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Limited Offers

Who doesn’t like a race with unlimited rewards? The rules to enter this one are simple – you refer friends successfully and we give you both $25 in BTC every time. Go on and set your charisma in motion and you might win up to $5,000 in NEXO¹ from our $50K prize pool, too.

PS. If you know the drill, scroll down to our message template which will make your whole outreach process so much easier.

Turn Your Charm into Crypto

We have prepared a $50,000 prize pool and everyone with an active Nexo account can get on the fast track to making the most of this crypto opportunity. Here’s how to hang on to the lead:

  1. Invite All: Send out your unique referral link to as many friends as you can.
  2. Be a Good Sport: Navigate them through the process of registering and verifying their identity on the Nexo platform. It’s important to mention that they must sign up directly after opening your unique link. Explain that in order to get the referral bonus, they need to top up at least $100 in supported assets. The amount in their wallet has to remain above $100 for a 30-day period in order to get the $25 reward in BTC.
  3. Set Your Goal Right: In order to enter our $50K prize pool, your referrals have to go through each step described above.
  4. Stay on Track: Refer as many friends as you can until the promo end date on July 26.
  5. Keep Up the Pace: Be active until the end of the promo period as every successful referral takes you a step closer to the ultimate prize.
  6. Keep an Eye on the Prize: Check regularly whether you’re among the top 50 contestants and what tier have you reached. There will be multiple checkpoints throughout the whole period and the dates are as follows – June 15, June 30, and July 15.

Copy Our Homework

We went the extra mile and prepared a message for you to send out to your friends:

“Henlo fren, 😉

In times of change, it pays to have a trusted partner by your side. Literally! One who gives you free $25 in BTC to start your crypto journey amongst all else. Let me explain where you can find it.

As I know that your investments are infinitely important to you, I wanted to make sure you are aware of the maximum security Nexo can offer for your assets. They would be secured via top-tier insurance coverage and military-grade storage while being instantly accessible at the same time.

From here on the offer gets sweeter and sweeter. Buy and swap² crypto easily – no unnecessary actions or complex interface to deal with. It's quick to go through the steps and get your desired assets.

Feel like making the most of your crypto? It’s the right time as Nexo is giving out $25 in BTC for every new user. If you’re interested drop me a line and I’ll go over the details with you.”

And there you have it! Now you have to do is broadcast it to the world.

¹US citizens will receive their Prize Pool rewards in Bitcoin. For everyone else, the rewards will be distributed in NEXO Tokens.
²The Nexo Exchange is unavailable for clients residing in Bulgaria, and Estonia.
*The promotion is valid only for users registered through referral links during the promo period. The people you refer must successfully complete Identity Verification and top up $100 or more in supported assets by July 26 and hold those assets in their accounts for at least 30 days.

For the full terms and conditions of the Referral Race promotion visit our dedicated legal page.

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All set. Share only with your best friends!