Earn 8% on USDT, DAI, PAX, USDC and TUSD, Compounding Daily and Secured by Custodial Insurance

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Asset Updates

With the rapid scaling of the Nexo enterprise and the huge demand for our instant crypto credit lines, we have already processed more than $300,000,000 in less than 7 months.

A while ago, Nexo introduced the signature Earn Interest” product which allows investors from 200+ jurisdictions to earn 8% on their stablecoins — the highest rate offered in the industry.

We are happy to announce that we are adding DAI, USDC, and PAX to the already existing options of TUSD and USDT to offer the community attractive returns of 8% on their idle stablecoins.

The new stablecoins on which clients can earn interest:


А USD-pegged ERC-20 coin, DAI is developed by MakerDAO, a provider of DeFi (decentralized finance) solutions and a partner of Nexo.
Both MakerDao and Nexo are developing products to redefine the very essence of transparency and efficiency with regards to the financial sector in an increasingly decentralized and tokenizing world.

USDC (USD//Coin)

A fully collateralized US dollar ERC-20 stablecoin, USDC is the brainchild of CENTRE, an open source project bootstrapped by contributions from Goldman Sachs-backed Circle and Coinbase.
The Nexo-CENTRE partnership dates back to 2018, with full integration of USDC to follow soon. Now the bond is immediately solidified by allowing USDC holders to earn 8% on their holdings.

PAX (Paxos Standard Token)

A stablecoin that aims to meld the stability of the dollar with blockchain technology, the PAX token provides significant liquidity that is prerequisite to achieving the ambitious goals set.
PAX is developed by Paxos — a partner of Nexo in strengthening the peer-2-peer marketplace and providing instant liquidity on a global scale.

Three Steps That Make Your Crypto Work for You

  1. Open your free and secure personal or business Nexo account
    Nexo has a crypto custodian insurance policy of up to $100M.
  2. Add crypto assets to your Nexo app
    No minimum amount is required. Аs soon as the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, you instantly start earning interest.
  3. Enjoy your high-yielding passive income as the increasing daily interest accumulates in your Nexo account.
    The power of compounding ensures that every day a larger interest amount is credited into your account.

You can, of course, simultaneously utilize Nexo’s tax-efficient instant crypto credit lines to access cash without selling your crypto, as Nexo’s services perfectly compliment each other.

Let Your Crypto Work For You

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